WiFi setup with wired Reliance Broadband

Quite a few of you have asked me how to setup WiFi with a Reliance broadband connection because the login portal seems to give some issues with WiFi router, so I made a video guide to show you how to setup the same.

Please note that this procedure works for wired reliance broadband connections also know as Broadnet, I did not test this setup with a Reliance WiMax connection as I don’t have access to the same but it should work on the same, for this to work you would need a Normal WiFi router which has a standard Internet / WAN port not the ADSL type WiFi router.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure you have properly logged out the reliance portal before disconnecting the modem and before you start this procedure.

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  1. rahul

    can i get both LAN and wifi caonnection from a same router??
    because my PC does not have a wifi reciever and i want wifi for my mobile and ipad…

  2. Ranjit

    Sure Rahul why not I have a similar setup my desktop has a wired LAN connection and my laptop / iPad using WiFi…. to answer your question yes both of them can function simultaneously.

  3. Ranjit

    Hi Rahul normally all WiFi routers generally have 4 LAN ports apart from the WiFi functionality, the cheaper routers have 100 Mbps ports and the higher end have a gigabit 1000 Mbps Lan ports.

  4. Sarthak

    Hey i have one problem i took reliance broadband n then connected it with apple airport wifi device i am able 2 connect my laptop but cannot connect my iphone 4 with the wifi .please help me

  5. Ranjit

    Sarthak as you have a apple airport WiFi setup it is most probably set on dualband 2.4 and 5 Ghz setting try setting the router to single band 2.4Ghz and see if that solves the problem.


  6. Rahul

    I have set up the wifi setting like you have mentioned in the video. I use Linksys E1000 modem. I use laptop and galaxy S mobile to connect to internet. But the problem is again with the web login system. I have to login with my laptop to use internet even if I intend to use internet via mobile. Or else my broadband would not connect in mobile.
    So I have to run my pc. connect to the internet via their webportal and then use internet in mobile.
    Can the router be configured to automatically enter the credential and hence we just need to connect to the modem to use internet?

  7. Ranjit

    Rahul you need to login to the web-portal via a computer….. BTW no you cannot configure your router to auto logon to the reliance portal.


  8. Himanshu

    Hi Ranjit,

    I use a reliace broadband (wireline). I want to connect my wifi mobile (micromax q7) to my wifi modem to use internet. Though I have located the network and paired it with the mobile I cannot open any website. I says “connection failed”. do I need additional settings in WAP profile ? how can I solve this problem? How will the login page appear automatically on mobile browser just the way it appears on your laptop when you are logged on to the network?

    please help.


  9. Ravi

    Thanks for the article.
    I want to also use wifi modem .Please tell me any good low price wifi modem that can work with reliance broadband connection. I searched at some local shops but was unable to find a modem that have wan port which can hold reliance broadband jack.If you can give a link to website where I can buy that modem would be great.

    Thanks again.

  10. Trishik

    Hi Ranjit
    Thanks a lot for your this video. though I had to try it yet but wanted to know that I had to login through my laptop very time I want to use broadband as wifi or I just had to login once just to configure it ?

  11. nobi

    First of all thanks for video. I am using the belkin basic150 router. I am able to use wifi but my public ip address has become static.it is always same. Can you please tell me how I can make my ip address dynamic.

  12. Sanjoy

    please help.I have configured beetel wifi router 450T.If i connect my laptop via wired lan to the router it works,but if i connect my laptop wirelessly to the router there are plenty of request time out,even the gateway of the router router)from my laptop.
    Any help is appreciated…

  13. Koushik

    Hi, Ranjit
    I’m using reliance wired connection without modem. My lan is 4 wire which give me by reliance. then i want to use a wifi modem/router for my laptop. It is possible?

  14. Mahesh

    This video helped me a lot.Before i no nothing about router connection.Now, without any help i can connect.Thank you very much for this video.

  15. Sagar

    If we have a reliance broadband and then we need to put a wifi on it what are the schemes and plans for it and are there any additional charges

  16. himanshu

    Hi Ranjit

    This Video was very useful for me. And I didnt got any problem with the setup thanks to you……

  17. Saud

    Hi Ranjit,

    I have ready many threads but I cdnt still find out how can share my Reliance Broadband connection on multiple wifi enalbed devices simultaneously.

    I have setup Like…. REliance RJ-11 >>> UT-300R2>>>>>RG45 Cable>>> Belkin Wireless f5d7234-4hv5( simailar to what you have shown in ur video but without antenna).

    I can use wireless to connect or to reach reliance page, get authenticated on the single device but can’t use on two difft laptops or Galaxy Note +Laptop, I have to logout from first device then only can login to the second device.

    Any suggestions ???

  18. Anuj

    hi Ranjit

    1st of all, thanks for the video. It was really helpful.
    Ok now to the point. Earlier I was having a broadband connection from Airtel. They provided me a Beetel 450 TC1 ADSL router+modem. Now I am switching over to reliance. Can you tell us step by step or make a video how to setup wifi with ADSL router for reliance broadband.
    U did mention about ADSL router but didnt tell the detail in this video.

    Thanks in Advance


  19. Prashanth

    Dear Ranjit,

    Thank you very much. I tried the steps you mentioned worked beautifully with a Linksys router. Really appreciate the good work you are doing.

    I also tried to configure it with a Apple Airport Express without much success.

    Warm Regards


  20. Ragesh

    Hi Ranjit,

    thaanx a lot… your video presentation and explanation was superb…
    it helped me from great tension.. and now i am happy that i can use wifi all over my home…
    thanx buddy.. expecting your this sort of advises in future….

  21. Surya Mahesh

    Hi Ranjith,

    your info about wifi connection is use ful. Pl let me know how set up wifi from reliance broadnet (wired).

    Surya Mahesh

  22. Ashwin T

    Bought a ASUS RT-n13u for my wired Reliance BB… had a tough time configuring it…. finally found the video… helped a lot….
    had to change the default IP, clone MAC and set the default DNS…

  23. Ashwin T

    had a DNS setting problem with the setting provided in video as Reliance has stopped accepting the Google DNS … tried many open DNS but none worked…. finally found a couple … they are

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