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New features in Firefox 5

27 June 2011 3 Comments

Firefox was recently updated to version 5 and I know things are happening fast coz firefox 4 was launched just a couple of months, this latest version of Firefox 5 brings to us some new nice improvements and I show you some of them.

I am not going to discuss the technical improvements in Firefox 5 like improved CSS support or the overall faster performance than Firefox 4 but will look at some of the new user interface features and enhancement that can be used to improve your browsing experience, I have made a video in which I show you some of the new features found in Firefox 5.

If you are using Firefox on multiple machine I suggest you try the Firefox Sync it works seamlessly in the background and makes using firefox on multiple computers a breeze.

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  • Anupam Kumar said:

    My PC get automatically shut down while working on it within 20-30 min & then after it continues similarly with 2-5min.I’ve cleaned it’s RAM chips but goes in vain.Please Help Me.I’ve consulted it’s hardware mechanics & they said that it is alright.

  • Ranjit (author) said:

    Anupam there can be a lot of things that are causing them, faulty SMPS motherboard issues / overheating etc…. but lets forget about hardware problems for first and determine its not a software / virus issue.

    What I suggest is try booting your machine with a live distro of a linux (just insert the disk in your CD-DVD drive and linux will boot) and use it for 30-40 minutes and if your machine does not exhibit that behavior then it a software issue and if it still happens with the linux distro then it’s a hardware issue.


  • ranzish said:

    recently i bought laps but doesnt support itune or how did i get itune for win7

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