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Review : Reliance Netconnect Broadband +

10 May 2009 133 Comments

Mobile Wireless broadband is finally here in India and I am happy to say that it works, I had purchased the Reliance Netconnect Broadband plus data Card for mobile broadband, this connection provides a peak theoretical speed of 3.1 Mbps when you are connected to the the Reliance High speed (HSD) network available in 35 major cities across India and if the high speed network is not present it falls back to the slower CDMAx1 network which works in over 20,000 towns and 4.5 lakhs villages.

Broadband + USB Modems

Reliance is providing two USB models for this broadband + service, one is EC168C from Huawei and the other ZTE AC871 currently both the modems cost Rs 3,500, if you get an option opt for the Huawei as its sleek looking and can also be used as a USB data stick by adding Micro SD card.

At the time of buying the USB modem you would need to select a data plan,  (also enter a proper email address when you submit the application form coz you can get the bills in you email that way) make sure you choose a proper data-plan otherwise you will be billed for heavy overage usage, seriously speaking I did not like any of the tariff plans as all of them are a bit expensive in my opinion, before taking up the connection I would suggest that you opt for a demo coz, the device will not work at its best if the signal level is low near your area or if you are out of the HSD network coverage.

Do note that this High speed broadband network is available in 35 cities in India and before you plan to purchase make sure your city is present otherwise you will only get slow CDMAx1 speeds, you can seamlessly roam and get broadband speeds in the 35 cities where HSD network is present and its present in almost all the major cities, also there are no extra roaming charges throughout India (do note to subscribe to a proper data plan coz some plans do not allow roaming).


Basically this wireless connection uses the EVDO (Rev A) technology for the high speed broadband service, which is basically a type of broadband service for CDMA network which can provide speeds upto 3.1 Mbps and if the EVDO service is not present the modem will it will fall back and connect to the old slower CDMA 1x network.

The USB Modem and its package

The Huawei USB Reliance broadband + is provided in a sleek package it actually looks like and DVD box.

The package contains the USB modem, usb cable, Driver CD (not required for installation), product manual and warranty card, the build quality of the USB modem is very good it looks sturdy and also attractive.


Reliance has made these modem plug ‘n’ play so you do not need to load the CD to install the  drivers, just plug it in an empty USB 2.0 slot an it installs the required drivers and dialer software, It worked without any problems on my Mac (iMac), Windows 7 (HP laptop) and Windows Vista, do note that when you first get the connection you need to activate it on one computer and I suggest you use and windows machine to do the same (forget the activation thing if the Reliance Webworld guys have done it, you just need to do it once by dialing *228 in the activation tab).

Connectivity and Experience

My best friend Amar and I have taken the EC168C Huawei modem and we can tell you that the

speeds that you get in the HSD coverage areas are fantastic (BTW we live in Hyderabad so all testing was done in this area) browsing the net was a pleasure the web pages were loading in a snap, I was averaging around 1.2 – 1.5 Mbps (120 – 150 kb/sec) during normal usage, and at times for a few seconds it was peaking upto 2.5 Mbps while streaming videos which is pretty good for a mobile broadband connection,  actually reliance says to expect around 500-600 kbps (60-70 Kb/sec) with this connection which is comparable to a wired 512 Kbps broadband connection, the speed upto 3.1 Mbps is the burst speed which only lasts for a couple of seconds,  We tried the connection at several places in the city and  always got the speeds above 1 Mbps even while traveling in the car at  70 km/hr, I also tried it at my friends farm house and got the high speeds above 1 Mbps which is great as his farm is outside the city but still I was connected to the HSD network and the connection was pretty stable.

To give you an idea of the connection speed we were able to browse youtube videos (HD) mode without any buffering issues, I even tried Video Chat which was acceptable, for file downloads I was able to download around 5-6 Mb of data in a minute to say the truth, I was not expecting the connectivity to be so good but I am happy that I am wrong, on the downside the upload speeds were pathetic I was just getting around 12 -18 Kb/sec for file uploads via ftp, no where near the advertised speeds of  1.8 Mbps (180 kb/sec).

BTW Amar did try to do Video Conferencing while traveling in a car at it was bad, I guess the upload speed gets affected while you are on the move.

You can also check the online usage via the reliance portal, do note that the stats are updated with the delay of 24 hrs.

Some speed test

To give you a rough idea I am pasting the results of some speedtest that I had done, the first one is done from India (Hyderabad) to New york (USA) and the second one from India to Singapore.

Ping Test

Here if you compare ping times from a wired broadband connection it was 50-80 ms more than the wired broadband connection, for example if I ping to tech2buzz.com I get a ping of around 280ms on my wired broadband, with this wireless modem I get a ping of around 360ms, I also noticed that you get better ping times during nights.

Alternatives to Reliance Broadband plus

The two other alternatives companies which provide broadband based on EVDO are TATA Photon and BSNL EVDO, the problem with TATA is that the service is limited to a couple of  cities only and there is no clarity on Roaming  charges, also it does not work with a Mac OS, on the other hand BSNL EVDO is the cheapest of all for just Rs 550/ month you get unlimited data-transfer but the speeds are not that great and the network is very patchy even in the city the service will work only in some areas, mostly falling to the slower CDMAx1 speeds and again the BSNL EVDO does not allow you to use it in another state no roaming.

Negative points

No Unlimited plan a max of 10GB/month
Over-usage charges are exorbitant @ Rs 2 / MB
Upload speeds are pathetic
No upgrade path or discount for old netconnect subscribers, we need to buy a the new data card.


Reliance Netconnect broadband plus provides great broadband speed on the move and I highly recommend it to you if you need a mobile broadband connection, It works great in most of the major cities (35 in total) on the other hand I hope their tariffs come down.

Again as usual feel free to post your questions or queries and I will try to answer them.

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  • Sammy said:

    I tried NetConnect Broadband+ in Hyderabad and during the demo I got a speed of 220kbps (22KB/sec) – I booted the sales guy out of the door that very instant!!

  • Vaibhav said:

    This was the awesome review, will surely help lots of people to buy this product.

  • samar said:

    a very informative one , but if the tarrif plan would have been also reviewed. it would have been great.
    can a comparison of other broad bands could b discussed

  • krishna Marathe said:

    Hi All

    I brought Reliance broadband Plus. ITs really good q speed broadband service provided by Reliance.

    If you wanted to buy Data Card then buy Only Broadband Plus

  • Arun Kumar said:

    Hi All,

    I bought the netconnect broadband yesterday and found the speed to be very very good. I downloaded the symantec virus definition of 48 mb in flat 2.5 mins.

    I stay in Gurgaon Sector – 47

  • Arun Kumar said:

    I have also subscribed to 2.5 GB plan for Rs. 850/- per month.

  • Ranjit said:

    Yes the broadband plus service is surprisingly fast for a mobile device, love it :)

  • Vignesh said:

    I got the modem….I live in pune……It’s been 3 weeks since I got the modem…These guys havent activated it(When I call them they purposely do not pick up the phone)….I am clueless……I got the modem from a dealer ….he did not provide me the bill for the modem either…..Pls help me out…

  • Ranjit said:

    Hello Vignesh,

    I dont know how did u purchase the modem without a bill, anyways I would suggest that you go the nearest webworld and they should be able to help you.

    Anyways did u try the activate method from the dialer, you need to dial *288 to activate it even after reliance guys have activated your connection.

  • Pradeep Jhala said:

    I got reliance broadband + and it is simply awesome…
    700mb movie download through torrents in hardly an hours time….
    Loved it……:D:D

  • Gaurav Jain said:

    Hi All,

    Have been using this Reliance Broadband service for 4 days and the speed is excellent. However …Be Prepared for a SHOCK !!

    1- In the data usage upload as well as download speed is calculated.
    2- If you are connected and not using the system at all … as in no activity …still there would be data usage ..nd huge uploads. My system was idle for an hour and noticed 30 mb upload and 5 mb download –35 mb without any activity.
    3-reliance still has no answer for this — Also i explained to them either you charge on hourly basis or you charge on data download –What they r doing is out of my understanding..

    In 4 days have used 1 GB — have taken a 10 GB plan –If wud have taken 2.5 GB ..would have paid 10000 Rs over and above the bill

    There senior manager will call today …let us see
    Any take on this ??


  • Ranjit said:


    Very interesting but before we get to speculation I have a few questions, I am using this connection with an iMac (Mac OS X) and dont see this issue there is some activity but not to the volumes that you are suggesting which I guess is needed to keep the connection alive.

    I am assuming your OS is windows, Is you operating system genunie (beware pirated copies have back-doors) second are you sure you system is not infected with any malware / virus or Trojans which can steal bandwidth.

    You can also install special network software (network sniffing software) which can monitor where the TCP packets are being transferred to get an idea where the bandwidth is getting used up.

  • Gaurav Jain said:

    Oops … self resolved the problem …my mistake /appologies..lol

    Have been using MTNL broadband unlimited sincle last 2 years. Have been using torrents since then … had setup the account to seed at 10kbpson laptop and desktop and load at startup so fellow friends cud enjoy the stuff as well ..now have disabled as startup apps and limited the uploads

    Think this will resolve the problem and there wud be a min upload and download in idle situation just to keep the connection alive

    But still uploads should not be counted in data usage

    rest is good..


  • Gaurav Jain said:

    thanks for the suggestion Ranjit … dude I do have the CDMA data card as well …right now Reliance is not letting us upgrade ..have discontinued the postpaid and got into prepaid for now .. wont mind taking another one if they upgrdade..

    any suggestions on what else cud be done with this ?


  • Ranjit said:

    Gaurav yes you are right Reliance is currently not have an upgrade program for existing customer who have the older CDMA X1 USB modem, I too have moved my old connection to the prepaid plan.

    Its just a sad situation I am pretty sure if they have a upgrade program many more customer will move to netconnect +

  • Ranjit said:

    BTW Just wanted to add that the toll-free support number for Reliance Netconnect + is 1800-3000-5555

    Hope it helps if anyone has a problem, BTW you should also keep a check on your usage via the online interface.

  • Prashant said:

    I can’t check usage on their site. It says “wrong password” (I use 123456..default one). On clicking reset password and following the process, it says your no. is already inour database we will send you password by SMS on reliance no.? (how to check SMS on reliance modem? )

    And one more question – When do you get bill? Its 10th and I haven’t recieved any.

  • Ranjit said:

    Prashant did u try the toll free number I posted, its before your earlier comment.

    BTW I think so the billing is around 22 of every month, I have received my first bill and its pro-rata (only billed for a part of the month till the 22nd).

    BTW I dont think so its possible to check SMS via the reliance modem, correct me if I am wrong! They might send you the SMS to registered mobile number which you enter in the application form.

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  • Romi said:

    Hi Everyone,

    I got a Rel netconnect broadband few days back. I is giving some problem in instalation in my Mac. I m using a iBook G4. Its showing an error “USB Modem not responding, Please reinsert it”. I tried couple of times but the dialer is not wrkin.

    Can any1 help me out….

  • Ranjit said:

    Hey Romi,

    I am using an iMac with OS X 10.5 Leopard and did not have any problems, could you let us know the version of OS X you are using Tiger, Leopard etc.

    If there are 2 USB ports in your machine try it with the other USB port.

  • Ramanan Radhakrishnan said:

    I agree with Gaurav, who had complained earlier about unrealistic data transfer rates.

    They have three problems, atleast (believe they are problems and not unethical practices)

    1. When I was in night plan, with exorbitant day time charges of (Rs 30 / hour) I was charged for a whooping Rs. 210 Rs for a 7 hour period, though I had used it for 30 min and had turned off my PC.

    2. When I moved to data capped plans, the meter ticks at the rate of 20 MB / hour though I don’t browse streaming multimedia sites like youtube.

    3. Worse, If i try to capitalise by moving to a higher data limit, the data transfer rates increase proportionally there by nullifying my advantage

    I am sure, unlike Gaurav, I haven’t set up any automatic trasnfers etc

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  • lilious said:

    “if the high speed network is not present it falls back to the slower CDMAx1 network which works in over 20,000 towns and 4.5 lakhs villages. ”

    What is the network coverage and speed transfer in that case ? Is there a map of areas covered ?

  • Ranjit said:

    Lilious the fast netconnect broadband EVDO network is in 35 cities, if the faster EVDO network is not present the reliance netconnect broadband plus card falls back to the older CDMAx1 network, whose speed is around 115kbps, say just like dial-up network.

    The current coverage map for the EVDO network is http://www.rcom.co.in/Communications/rcom/RNetconnect/coverage%20maps.html

  • Siddharth said:

    Just a query..
    i live in trichy..studying in NIT-trichy.. am doing inquiries about netconnect options.. i visited the R-world office in chennai and he told me that the only options reliance could offer me is theolder device which averages 20-40 kbps, which is pretty slow..
    im entering my final year and MS applications are foremost in my mind..so i need a pretty reliable and reasonably fast connection..any suggestions??

  • lilious said:

    ok, thanks for the information Ranjit :)

  • Prabhu said:

    Reliance has started upgrade facility to broadband+ as displyed on their website. But when i checked it in one of their web expresss here in mumbai the person said they have not yet started even he is not awrae of discounted rates which reliance is offering. i think there is communication gap in the company. i dont know where i should contact. Even on *355 the excutive told me that we get Rs.500/- cashback for old data card. that is not mentioned on site also. Everywhere we get differrent info. can someone say which is the correct place to approach. i am in mumbai

  • Tajji said:


    For the City plans, can you tell me what is the actual coverage area. For eg: if a connection is for Delhi, will it work in a place like Ghaziabad (which is around 50 km from Delhi)

  • Ranjit said:

    Go to this link http://www.rcom.co.in/Communications/rcom/RNetconnect/coverage%20maps.html and click on the city you are in to get the HSD network coverage map.

    If you are not in the coverage map you will get slower speeds of CDMAx1.

  • Prashant said:

    Ranjit, My last problem got resolved after calling the no you gave. Thanks :)

    Now I am facing another problem. Dialer of ZTE modem does not work after installing service packs of vista. Vista is crappy OS unless you install atleast SP1. But now due to this ancient software I will have to live with it :( I am going to order Win 7 in Oct. Does reliance even test the software they provide to so many customers?

    If anyone has found the solution to make the dialer work on SP1/SP2 then please let me know.

    PS: BTW my download speed is still good. Just downloaded a 500 MB file @ 300+ KB/s

  • Ranjit said:

    Hi Prashant glad to know that its working fine, BTW I have used this connection on Vista with SP1 and it works, I even have a machine with Windows 7 and it works fine on that.

    BTW try un-installing the dialer-software and re-install it again after rebooting the machine it might work.

  • Lipika said:


    I installed Win7 last night.Was using Vista Home Premium edition earlier. I am not able to use Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ (white one by Huawei ). Even though it’s a plug and play device and Win 7 is successfully identifying it as a new hardware, it throws ‘Device not connected’ error when I try to connect it. I have been using the same netconnect on XP and Vista from more than a month. Any idea why is it not working on Win7 ? Any settings I need to change in Windows or in Netconnect?

  • Lipika said:

    And my laptop is HP DV 2214

  • S Sundaram said:


    I bought the broadband data card of Reliance Today.
    The performance is good.

  • Prashant said:


    Dialer reinstallation did not work. So I restored my HP lappy to original factory condition after backup then installed ZTE dialer and then installed SP1+SP2 keeping modem connected in USB slot.. It worked! :D


    Try dialer update! Just in case you are lucky :P But I doubt there will be any update. High time Indian ISPs give an option of modem from some good reliable company.. e.g. D-link instead of these chinese ones with no after sales service.

  • Rizwan said:

    any body using prepaid service. How does the tariff system work in prepaid.

    Do you have to recharge every month compulsory?

    Do you have to finish all credit within 30 days of validity?

    What if I still have money left. Will the previous balance be carried forward to next month?

    Please answer….

  • Manoj said:

    Hey ppl,
    I’ve struggling with this ZTE modem to connect it on windows 7..
    and somebody really pls help me…:(…

  • Potti said:

    Took Relaince Netconnect Broadband + Prepaid Service on August 10, 2009.

    USB Modem Cost: Rs 3500/- You get 10 GB Free Valid for 30 days.

    For tariff:

    According to the website you dont have to compulsorily recharge every month. It says that once you buy the USB Modem you will get lifetime validity.

    You have to finish all the credit within 30 days of validity and it cannot be carried forward to the next month.

  • Dipu said:

    1st two days after installation of modem was superb..i was getting aroung 150 KB/s dl speed…in the morning it touched 249 KB/s for once..from the 3rd day & afterwards, i m facing a very poor bandwidth..15 – 25 KB/s dl speed at night as well as in the day. I m staying in Calcutta. this is the 5th day.. & i m fade up with the speed. i m getting 90% tower in Broadband+ mode. i called the tech guy who installed it. he said there is a server problem going on. i dont know how long it’ll take to recover.
    the very next pathetic thing is to see the net usage on reliance network. sometimes the uid & paswrd does not work together..sometimes it enters my acc. bt displays nothing. only once i’ve seen the usage..bt they didn’t sum it up…i.e..lots of KB’s was placed in a scattered way.it’s not possible to write down & calculate the usage.
    i dont know whether i’ll continue it ir not..
    Anil Dhiruvai Ambani………plz look in the matter

  • Manish said:

    no doubt’ reliance offer best of the possible technologies but at the same times they have nuts in their serviceing department who ar completely insame in terms that when u r in office and already hav broadband than ur datacard ll work but while travelling when u actually need datacard to access net it wont work.
    u call any sales guy, he ll say 5 min and ur datacard will be back in work and after 5 days his answer would be same and in the mean time u ll be back in office from tour and receive a bill for not using datacard.
    i really did mistake opting for Reliance services, aware you to opt for some thing else.
    go for TATA’s photon.

  • Potti said:

    Called up Reliance office and found out that you have to recharge your Reliance Netconnect Brooadband + Prepaid Account once in six months.

  • kumar said:

    I have purchased new prepaid connection on 2ns Aug and on 23rd network tower did not showing in the device. Today when visited Reliance customer care and also at Huwei Servicing center no proper response. Service people at Akurdi in Pune said all over India Huwei has stopped repairing as they cannot register the complaint and we need to contact only reliance. How can we keep quite on this tell me… I need to wait and see how reliance reacts on this… so please keep your device in working state as there is some fight happening between reliance and huwei.

  • Kiran R. said:

    Which EVDO internet device would people here suggest – Tata, Reliance, or BSNL? Assuming that all are in the 3.1 MBps bracket… (not sure if BSNL now has 3.1 MBps).

    I actually have a BSNL EVDO card with 2 MBps but its speed is not good. Hence want to switch to a better capacity device. Please suggest.


  • GayathriJegan said:

    More informative . I will go and get this connection for my study purpose. Thanks to reliance.



  • Raj said:

    Hi! I live in Bombay and I have a desktop PC. I want to do webcasting on livestream and video conferencing for professional reasons. For that, I need a good upload speed, minimum 0.4mbps I recently shifted from Hathway to MTNL because MTNL had higher speeds available. MTNL said that they’d be able to give an upload speed of 0.5 mbps and a download of 2 mbps. However, I’ve been getting a maximum upload speed of 0.2 mbps and download of about 1.8 mbps. (as tested through speednet)

    I was thinking of buying the Reliance Netconnect because it has advertised an upload speed of 1.8 mbps. However, after reading your review, I’m feeling wary.

    What would you suggest I do?

    Thanks a ton!

  • Ranjit said:

    hey Raj if you want to do data-intensive stuff like webcast etc I suggest you go for wireline broadband like airtel or others coz with wireless tech like this reliance netconnect + the speeds vary a lot and I dont get even 150kpbs sustained upload speed let alone 1.8 Mbps as advertised.

    I am currently using airtel broadband and get around .7 – .8 Mbps upload speed so try airtel if its in your area, again upload speed with most of the ISP sucks in India IMHO.

  • Srivatsa said:

    I’m getting not more than 128Kbps even with the HSD option in Bangalore!! Is there anything I’m missing – HSD used to work properly a month back on my laptop.

  • Srihari said:

    I’m getting an Error *228 when i click on Activate on my Laptop. The modem is working absolutely fine on any other laptop and also on my desktop. Please help

  • Ranjit said:

    Hello Srihari,

    You dont need to activate the modem every time you use a new PC, you have to activate it just once on a PC / computer and thereafter if you are using it on another PC you just enter the login details and you are good to go.


  • Devang said:


    I am facing the same problem. What is the default password for checking the Reliance Broadband Plus account usage?

  • wilfred said:

    hey guys this reliance netconnect broadband+ rocks its giving me speed of 2.9Mbps i cant believe it my self its freaking awesome

  • Nimisha said:

    hello evrybody ,
    i bought the rel b+ prepaid device a month ago
    i think my one month is completed yet m able to use net .
    wanted to ask whether i ll b charged later ? but how mine is a prepaid !!!

  • chandan said:

    I have been using reliance since last month. so far my experience has been good except some nonesence act for frontline executive from reliance store, though they activated my number within 30 minutes of purchase.
    as far as speed is concerned the maximum till date i got is 2.89MBPS(on speedtest.net) and 2407 kbps(transfer rate 301 kbps DL and 59 KBPS UL) on whatismyip.com.

    on the billing side, I have been keeping a watch on my uses and I found that there is no discripencies. you can check your daily uses and keep a track of peak and offpeak uses. the best way to keep it under control is use the average data transfer per day. I use 3GB Day + 10 GB Night and my average comes to roughly 100 MB per day plus 333 MB Night use. I think if you dont download much music and movies, you will never be able to exhaust it. for example in the 12 days of 1st billing I could have used 1200 MB day plus 4 GB night , but for my surprise the total I used is 1100 MB and , yes, I used the net for 65 hours in these days, an average of 5.5 hours a day. that means in the last two three days of billing cycle I could have used 4 GB( the total unused data) and downloaded three four brillint movies like TEARS OF THE SUN. so I mean to say if you genuinely research and decide about the plan you want and later keep a constant wathc on your uses (twice a week), I dont think there is any probs. I have kept even the screenshot of my plan details and account details in case there is any discripenciy from reliance side. AND FINALLY IT IS ALWAYS BETTER TO GET ALL THE THING DONE FROM A WEB WORLD OR RELIANCE STORE RATHER THROUGH CUSTOMER CARE, reson being you deal with the same person at web world, you can be in touch with Cluster head, even senior most people and all the physical proof is with you where as in the case of CUSTOM CARE, every time you call there is new person. Only if you are very lucky, you find the same guy. SO GUYS, IF YOU ARE LITTLE ATTENTIVE BEFORE GOING FOR A PLAN, I DONT THINK THERE WILL BE PROBLEM. Reliance Net connect is far better than TATA Photon plus.

  • rishab said:

    hey i’m using net connect but it dosen’t work with windows 7. can anyone help me out with this

  • Sathme said:

    Hi, I bought new mobile broadband connection, it works fine for me, is there any way to find out my usage?
    Since my plan was very base of 2gb, in a test purpose i took this. Please me finding the usage.
    Thanks in advance

  • Naved Alam said:

    Hi All,
    I am also using Reliance broadband+ and here i have some answers of your doubts -
    - If you wanna check your usage you have to register first on myservices at reliance website and there is one option to generate the PIN, then only you would be able to see the usage.
    - If there is no activity on your PC and reliance is still showing some downloading/uploading there could be a possibility that your windows is automatically updating some of it’s components even you would not be able to see the progress of the same.
    I suggest you to turn off the auto update option from control pannel and try again.

  • Tomar said:

    hi guys
    here i want to know about the day night plan offering by reliance broadban +. as i guess day uses will be counted separtly n night separtly. As night time is 10PM to 6AM, suppose, we are using broadband 9 PM to 11PM, and we downloaded some MB. Will the network convert self calculate the day and night uses.
    or we have to change it from day to night after 10PM?
    please inform me

  • Lokesh said:


    All india roaming is available right? except speed, we need some network coverage…

    btw, this is very neat and useful infformation.


  • FrustratedCustomer said:

    I took the reliance broadband+ connection in June 09. It was giving a speed of upto 1 Mbps for 1 month. But, for the last 3 months I am getting a speed of 60 kbps-100 kbps in evening and 200-300 kbps in early morning. This is the main problem with reliance they attract new customers and then the service is pathetic after few months. They don’t care about for existing customers services. I am thinking to stop using reliance broadband+ services. I am staying in Wakad, Pune.
    Before taking the connection go for a demo at your place during peak hours(7 pm – 11 pm) and decide.

  • Rahul said:

    i just want to know does broadband+ works with Windows 7 or not ?

  • Rajesh said:

    I brought Dell inspiron with Win7 home premium 64 bit last month. I am not able to use Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ (white one by Huawei ). Even though it’s a plug and play device and Win 7 is successfully identifying it as a new hardware, it throws “Error 633 ‘Device not connected’ error when I try to connect it.”
    Same data card works fine with my friends laptop which has Vista.
    Any idea why is it not working on Win7 ? Any settings I need to change in Windows or in Netconnect?
    Pls Help

  • Ranjit said:

    Hi Rahul & Rajesh,

    Regarding Win 7 working with Netconnect + it should with 32-bit as I had tested the RC version 32 bit and it worked fine with netconnect+ but you would need to check out with reliance team if it will work with Win 7 64 bit as I dont have a copy of Win 7, 64 bit.


  • Vishnu Vardhan said:

    Hi every one, yesterday I ahve purchased reliance net connect broadband+ and the sales guy said we will get upto 3.1mbps and minimum of 1.5mbps but it’s very much slow slow slow…. even I use the local cable net which is very much faster than this..

  • Sairaj said:

    Hi All, i work for an MNC and travel most of the times from Hyderabad to Bangalore. I wanted wireless broadband urgently and made a request in the morning online for Reliance netconnect. i did not get any response till afternoon, finally a sales guy came at 3pm and asked for proofs. For my present address i did not have proofs, besides i have passport and driving license for permanent address.They asked me for present address electricity bill, which i could not find at that very instant….then sales guy by name Puneet told to pay money and take card and he will activate it 9pm on same day.I doubted this does not work…still Puneet spoke so convincingly that to send electriciy bill within 7 days to his email id. I told him i have at 9.15 for hyd to bang so at any cost i need internet during travel and have to do important project and deliver it my US client.
    Since he assured me to activate at any cost i took netconnect by paying Rs.2300/-(billed) for card and Rs.100(not billed) for delivery boy. I boarded by AC compartment of train at 8.30 and waiting for 9pm so that i can start my work .At 9.10pm i kept my device and checked, there is no activation…i called the number from which Puneet….no answer…..tried many times…as usual..i got down from train loosing my money for seat…
    I beg all of you no to believe words of Sales team guy Mr.Puneet…after 2 days he calls me and asks me to send the electricity bill…then only he can activate.
    This sales ass hole doesnt know how much mental torture i went thro when my device is no activate….Reliance company uses cheap sales guy who doesnt have good values nor attitude……
    Reliance has made India proud…but their agents are making Indians fuck……
    Never take the card online…reach u r nearest reliance customer care….

  • Ranjit said:

    Sairaj its best to buy reliance products from authorized places like Webworld or reliance outlets, reliance has hired a lot of 3rd party agents but they are useless.

    I am sure you will have a run around to get your connection activated, my suggestion go to the nearest webworld and get it sorted out.

  • Steve Hoge said:

    FYI, since your article was published Tata Photon+ is now working on Mac OS 10.6.x. I have used it around Cochin area.

  • lasya said:

    Could u tell me how to recharge de relaince netconnect broaband+?Is there any facility to recharge through online?

  • ShaKo said:

    What is the maximum size of microSD card supported on the Reliance Netconnect from Huawei.

  • Sachin said:

    Hi All,

    I just got my Reliance Brodband+ , i have gone through above reviews & thinking that it will be better to track my own usage so that i can have some idea on my usage in Gb’s.

    Actually i have taken 3 GB plan & my usage is also will be limited only.

    Can any one suggest me any peocess to track my Reliance Brodband Usage.

    Thanks & regards


  • Vishnu said:

    Hello All,

    I am staying at Near Akurdi Railway station, Pune…
    and i want to wirless broadband internet connection….

    Plese help me choose out the plan, i have tata indicom 153kbps unlimited plan, but i am telling you it does not give me that speed, i am getting only 6kbps. i have complaint at customer are but issue is not solved.

    so moving towards to another plan. your help is appreciated.

    What i am looking in my plan –
    1) wireless broadband
    2) unlimited usage
    3) good enough speed, can able to watch youtube video without buffering and pause.
    4) Good browsing, upload and download speed
    5) charges is around 1000 to 1500 INR is ok.

    looking for your help

    Vishnu U

  • Sudhir said:

    I have Reliance BB+. They promised 3mbps, when I asked for a demo they gave some bullshit reason and assured me that i’ll get best performance. I took the plan for 10gb unlimited in a hurry. It has been more than 1.5 year…. I am suffering. I generally get 0.0NN kbps to 20.NN kbps on an average 2-3 kbps(if i m lucky on the day), thats also when the tower is on full strength. and i am still paying 1k/month for it. the customer care… don’t ask about it. you need to be 10 to 15 min waiting to talk2 some one who know nothing except a set of pre noted steps.
    At the same room my room mate gets awesome speed with Tata indicom wireless services.

  • puran said:

    i am also facing same problem this give ony 20 kb speed in pune.
    and tataindicaom is also burest brodband they are not provide good service.

  • Gautam said:

    Hey guys,i want to buy a wireless internet service like reliance.i have been using Tata photon,but it gives fucking download speed,it even buffers too much for videos.sometimes it dosent lets me connect and whenever i call the cust.care,it says busy everytime.so i left it,and as you have heard i wanna buy reliance(postpaid)and take the mins plan of 3600m per/m.but pls can anyone tell me the highest download speed experienced(not on the basis of tests,but say how much you downloaded in what time)with netconnect.

  • Goli said:

    Reliance Data Card is NIGHTMARE.

    As long as it works, it is good. But if you ever have to go to customer care, then it is nightmare. Not only reliance people lack the motivation to help people it is extremely rude. Once they take your money, they dont give a damn.
    I have had terrible terrible time working with Reliance.

    I dont know how Photon compares with speed, but the customer care is atleast sensitive.

    Strongly not recommended.

  • raghu said:

    Do the Reliance, Tata etc USB wireless modems work in Trains. I mean i have facility to work from home at times. And i stay about 15 hours from my native. So every once in a while on Fridays i can actually catch a train to my native ( Hyderabad is my work place and bhopal is my native so the train route is Hyderabad–delhi ).
    Now if i could get decent connectivity for a few hours when the train leaves hyderabad i can be online in the train on a Friday and not miss my work and also can use that time to travel in the train towards my native. Otherwise the next train is on the next day wasting my one full day.

    Has anyone used the wireless modems on a train route more specifically Hyderabad to Delhi.



    I just buy a reliance HSD, not activated yet, i want to know about the plans. i generally prefer good downloading speed and surfing. in rural areas in Bihar while roaming.. i just want to knw wdr it which plan will work properly for my needs.

  • Ranjit said:

    Hi Raghu

    To answer you question it’s a mixed bag… it does work most of the time in the trains 75% of time but you might not get the High speed network most of the time so you fall back to the older CDMAx1 network.

    But Raghu you can easily get a good connection for a couple of hours in the train to get your work done.


  • Amit said:

    Hi All can anybody tell me how much speed I can get using Reliance netconnect broadband+ at Electronic City Bangalore.

  • Balasurya said:

    I have bought reliance broadband plus netconnect USB modem , prepaid,
    Is it possible to recharge through online, please do specify me the site?
    I dont get CDMA recharge near mu location, i am facing the prob to recharge each time.. So pls do help.

  • Jalpa said:

    Can anyone say BSNL 3G is good or Reliance EC168C from Huawei is good.

  • Ranjit said:

    Jalpa the speeds depend upon the strength of the signal in your area, but if both BSNL 3G and reliance netconnect + are getting good signal in your area, the BSNL 3G is a bit faster currently.

    Do remember that BSNL 3G is based on GSM technology and reliance netconnect is CDMA hence you cannot use Reliance EC168C data card modem with BSNL 3G.

  • Mahesh said:

    I am working in Bangalore. We have tested Reliance and tata photon broadband datacard in 3 places of Bangalore. I agree that Reliance datacard is good compare to other datacards.
    But don’t expect that speed what they offer 3.1Mbps. When you see in Reliance netconnect window it shows nearly 600kbps. But this is misguiding you. Actually if you compare this is also wrong. I have tested this datacard by downloading WinZip (18MB). During download I have opened Reliance netconnect window in one side and normal download window in other side. In normal download window also we can check speed (bottom of the window), so don’t use any testing software. Reliance netconnect window shows nearly 600kbps and normal download window shows it as 60kbps. For work comfortable like in office landline connection we need 126kbps. But 60kbps also okay, np. So, Reliance is cheating, what they have done in the nectconnect window software that normal download speed * 10. That means 60kbps * 10 ==> 600kpbs. It is ultra cheating. But if you compare to other datacard, the Reliance Datacard is toooo good. I am using it for remote connection of my office desktop and using 5GB plan. 5 GB plan is more than enough. Normally it won’t reach more than 2 GB. And also there is no frequent restarting of connection problem like in BSNL landline and tata photon.

  • Ranjit said:

    I agree with you Mahesh but you are wrong in the kb and kbps thing when you see 60KB as download its is actually around 600kbps that is how kb to kbps is converted for example in a 1 Mbps connection you might just get 110 – 120 KB sec, for more info on KB to kbps see this link http://www.dslreports.com/faq/2388

    Yes reliance netconnect gives around 500 – 600 kbps (60 – 70 Kb) during normal usage and the connection stability is pretty good currently BSNL 3G is giving around 1 Mbps (1000 – 1200 kbps) on a average but once the dust settles it should also give around the same.

  • Mahesh said:

    Hi Ranjit,
    What I mentioned was, 600kbps and 60kbps. All people know about what is the difference between KB and KBPS (KB per sec). Normal download window was showing 60kbps and Reliance netconnect window was showing 600kbps in the same time. We 3 people had tested in 3 different places of Bangalore. Why we had tested because we all purchased the Reliance datacard after comparing with other datacards.

  • Mahesh said:

    Another thing I want to add here is, if you are using datacard for remote office desktop connection at home. If you think you are going to use per day 8 hours then 5GB plan will come 34 days (maximum) (excluding other personal download). This is also I have tested and calculated :-).

  • sunil said:

    Hello All,

    I am a user of Reliance Broadband Netconnect Service (Pune) from last 6 months.
    Following are my experiences while using the service:

    –> I was facing network congestion problem from last 1 month. Even speed was not enough for surfing and
    their were frequent disconnections many times.

    –> Called several times to customer care but still no solution.(Global answer– “We are trying”)

    –> Most of their senior person (Nodal officer Pune) never picked the phone.

    –>Each time customer care person, and their supervisor told me that it will resolve as soon as possible,
    already 2 months has passed and the problem still persists.

    –> At the end of month they send me the bill of 700 rupees which i haven’t used.

    –> I refused to pay the bill of 700 rupees and finally they deactivate my services, saying that first you have to pay the bill, for the duration which i haven’t used due to congestion problem.

    –> I was facing problem due to reliance, but they are not bothered about customer. Only thing in which they interested is money.

    –> I can’t understand what type of service Reliance is providing, and they were insisting me for payment of the bill.

    –> As per my observation Reliance people are more interested in bill payment rather then resolution of congestion problem and providing services to the customer.

    –> Reliance people are just shameless and hopeless people, selling the device which is not thoroughly tested.

    –> PLease read above comments before buying any product of reliance………….

  • raman said:

    i have purchased the reliance netconnect broadband+ on 2jan2011. i thought that the the speed would be as per mentioned.but its not so. while i purchased the connection reliance people told me that i would get the downloadind speed upto 220kb\s .but when i used the connection in my areas it is just 20kb\s.
    please tell me that is it my fault that i have believed on reliance people. the reliance tower is just nearby my.than also it takes 1day to download 580mb of wav file. i am using this connectin in palam colony in new delhi. the region is south west

  • Vikas said:


    I stay at Pune and I bought Reliance net-connect last month. It was my fault that I got lured by the cheap unlimited plan of Reliance. My account was suspended because sales person put the wrong address. When I talked with sales person again his response was shocking. He said that he is from sales team you better contact with service team. It has been three weeks and my account is still suspended.


  • Ramakrishnan said:

    I bought the Reliance Datacard on Dec2010. But i have never speed more than 200Kbps but they say that i would get speed upto 3.1 Mbps. Their technical team is not capable of giving a proper service. From my experience, they are intrested only on Money and not on service. If some of them are getting a good speed, then they are lucky. But those who dont are permenant sufferers. If anyone wants to go for a Datacard, do choose some other service provider. Reliance is not worth enough to buy. Enquire other peple before you buy datacard from Reliance.

  • AAA said:

    Please dont go for reliance net connect. Its the worst..
    They are cheating people. First few months it will be fine, but later your bill will increase 5 fold. I myself ended up paying 5000 where I was suppose to pay only 1000 as my monthly rental. when you call up and ask to customer care they wil simply send you a sheet which contains data usage. In tht you will see tht you have dowload so much and uploaded so much.. which is totally wrong or fabricated….

    so dont take it.. go for some other service provide…

  • Sandesh said:


    all i need to know is, shall i go for reliance netconnect????

  • Ranjit said:

    Sandesh yes you can go with reliance as the coverage all over is pretty good but make sure its netconnect + (+ standard for the high speed version) expect a speed of around 350 – 550 Kbps (30 – 50 KB/sec) in real world usage situations and sometimes touching around 1 Mbps.


  • R M K said:

    My sincere request to all broadband users, new users, DONT BUY RELIANCE NETCONNECT BROAD BAND. Speed is in the range of only 170 kbps in normal conditions also. Some times you can get up to 350 kbps (very rare). Photon+ is far better, my experience.

  • Anand said:

    I bought the Reliance Datacard on Jan2011. But i have never speed more than 200Kbps but they say that i would get speed upto 3.1 Mbps. Their technical team is not capable of giving a proper service. From my experience, they are intrested only on Money and not on service. If some of them are getting a good speed, then they are lucky. But those who dont are permenant sufferers. If anyone wants to go for a Datacard, do choose some other service provider. Reliance is not worth enough to buy. Enquire other peple before you buy datacard from Reliance.i have very bad experience with Reliance net connect.it is not working more then 3 min at a Time.

  • Diwakar Sharma said:

    Ive bought a new net connec + ZTE-AC2736 Device
    From the time ive started using it it does not connect for the first time..I keep getting error “The device has no responce please reinsert and try again”

    every time i have to unplug and replug the device to be able to use my net connect.

    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling directly from the device no help…
    Tried on other lappie its working fine…
    Is there any problem with Service Pack 2
    Please Help…

  • chinmaya said:

    thank you guys for the comments, i am not buying reliance netconnect

  • Vikas said:

    Hai, I bought a new reliance datacard. I need to check my usage what will be the username and what will be the default password please help me and do the needful….

    Vikas V

  • neeraj dixit said:

    i am student of pgdm from greater noida i did research on relaince 3G broad band i found customers are not happy they are saying network is not good and costly so many negative points are there so i will try to promote it my wishes with you bye

  • Ranjit said:

    Neeraj reliance netconnect + and Reliance 3G is a totally different thing, reliance 3G is based on the GSM network and netconnect + is CDMA.


  • Manish Mehta said:

    I reside at Mumbai Borivali and brought Reliance HSD 3 – 4 months back. I found speed convincing in the initial days but after that the speed was pathetic and at times just could not connect the internet. Speed is concern. Prices are very high when compared.

  • Tushar Kapadia said:

    Reliance Datacard is the worst service in the Indian IT. We cannot log at times and the speed it shows at times is as low as 100Kbps which is really not enough to pull the google page on your desktop.

    I recommend not to take Reliance product beacuse it is sheer waste of energy, money, time and sheer frustration.

    Nobody helps in their office or call centres and they just harass you and call you any time of the day for asking bill payment and are never eager to listen to our woes of non connectivity and less speed. In a single word this company and its serivice is HOPELESS.


  • shan said:


    is reliance net connect good in kerala?
    id any kerala people please respond


  • allwyn said:

    what about 3g relaince net connect speed of 21mbps ,please give me the details sir.

  • Tushar Kapadia said:

    Allwyn, If possible look for some other service providers who are good not only in providing correct service but after sales service. Also people who just do not harass for payments on a regular basis. Consider or you will repent like me. Very difficult to work with Reliance on ethical line. Choice is always yours.

  • amit mohod said:

    I think the Author (Ranjit) is a relince guy… and this is article is a marketing stuff of relince..

  • Ranjit said:

    Amit Mohod,

    Before making stupid commentsdDid you even see the date when I reviewed this product it was in May 2009 its almost 2 years now and in the tech world that means a very long time, for me the netconnect + is now a out dated technology in 2011 and I perosnally no longer use the same, so cannot comment on its current performance but when I used it earlier about a year ago it was good and I wrote about the same.

    I personally moved to 3G these days using the BSNL 3G for now, I do not have any affiliation to any company / product I just try to write my frank views about the products I have used. if you followed this site I used to praise Airtel Broadband a lot but now I do not recommend them due to the fact of their stupid broadband plans with FUP limits.


  • pooja said:

    could you just give me the details about the gsm data cards available with reliance and also the data sheet of it?

  • Srikanth said:

    I had taken Reliance netconnect no-9379707095. The promised speed was 3.2 MBPS and ended up with below 2 KBPS.

    When I complained the customer care person took me through series of lies telling hardware issue, OS issue, Anti virus issue and when nothing worked agreed that service was poor.

    Then started the hazzle of closing the service. I had to write tons of mails and follow up to get the service closed.

    Now the harrazement has started with Reliance personnel coming home to ask money in the name of due bills.

    Wish oridinary consumers like me should not suffer similarly. Never go for Reliance netconnect. Worst decision of my life to take Reliance service. Mail me on srikanthkn@hotmail.com and I can send you the unpleasant mail chain that happens with customer care.


  • Kamaljeet Singh said:

    Reliance netconnect plus is worst product to go for….

  • Dhina said:

    I totally agree with Kamaljeet. This is the worst product to go for.

    I am using Reliance netconnect since january. I have had a horrible user experience with this.

    1. It would not continously work for more than 10 – 15 mins. The net gets disconnected and you have to connect to the program which is very very annoying.

    2. They claim it to be 3.1 Mbps. I have all 5 signal bars on my screen, but the connection is damn slow. I cant

    even stream the youtube video at 240p properly.

    3. I have called the customer care center to help me with this issue and they had taken up as a complaint and they

    mentioned their customer care person will revert to me in 48 hours, but no one bothered to solve this issue and poor customer responses.

    I have had a such a bad user experience with this product. I do not recommend this to any one.

  • Kamaljeet Singh said:

    OMG i have to give reviews again earlier i was facing slow speed issue in NOIda and they were not able to solve it and now i am in chandigarh and getting same slow speed and when chatted with Technical support here is the conversation

    11:08)Agent: Good Morning! This is ——- from Reliance NetConnect Live Chat Helpdesk.
    (11:08) Agent: I will certainly assist you with that.
    (11:08) Kamaljeet: hello ——
    (11:08) gurpreet: Could you please confirm your data card number?
    (11:09) Kamaljeet: ———
    (11:10) Agent: May I know the mode you have selected to use the services?
    (11:10) Kamaljeet: broadband +
    (11:11) Agent: Could you specify the area where you are using the services?
    (11:12) Kamaljeet: chandigarh 2 days ago it was working in hsd mode but now it is not though new month has started
    (11:12) Agent: I understand your concern
    (11:12) Agent: So now you are using the services at Chandigarh?
    (11:13) Kamaljeet: yeah
    (11:14) gurpreet: May I know the exact area in Chandigarh where you are using the services?
    (11:15) Kamaljeet: sector 39 bro its not area problem signal strength is excellent for HSD its just that server is not authenticating the device in hsd mode but it can be done in 1x speed mode
    (11:16) AGENT: I understand your concern Kamaljeet.
    (11:16)Agent: As per the recent update we have received, there is congestion in the area where you are trying to use the services in Chandigarh
    (11:16) Agent: Our technical team is working on it and the issue is expected to be resolved by 31st August 2011
    (11:18) Kamaljeet: okay so its going to be june july august OMG hahaha what a joke. you know what relience never worked for me perfectly since i bought it whether i am in chandigarh or in noida
    (11:18)AGENT: I am sorry to know that
    (11:19) Kamaljeet: well its not your fault i know its reliance who sucks!!!!
    (11:19) Kamaljeet: cheaters
    (11:19) AGENT: If you continue using this inappropriate language I will have to disconnect this chat session.
    (11:20)AGENT: Are you there?
    (11:20) Kamaljeet: go aheah if u wish to do that coz i am going to get it disconnected anyways and give some excellent reviews so that people should buy reliance only and please document this conversation in my account
    (11:21) AGENT: I understand your frustration and I will forward your feedback to our management
    (11:22) Kamaljeet: So nice of you thanks make sure you do what you say. Nothing personal i know its not your fault but you can understand that i shouldn’t pay for something that is going to work like my mobile which will just cost me 100 rs a month

  • Swapy said:

    Hi ,I am from pune staying at Kothrud Depo.

    Can anyone tell me,which connection is good
    Reilance broadband + or Tata photon?

  • Aman said:

    Hi friends …
    I have been using Reliance netconnect broadband+ since 1 month . And , i had no problems regarding speed ! and speed came up to 2-3 mbps during day times! So i would suggest that if u r going to buy any net connection so plz. go only for Reliance !

  • guru said:


  • shankar said:

    very very slow

  • sathya said:

    Hi friends,

    I got a Reliance netconnect+ data card( weeks ago),I got nearly 1 mbps speed as maximum speed in the reliance application upto 2 weeks. But now, It show upto 250kbps..only, the downloading speed is 5-15kbps. I am using Rs 750/ unlimited plan. They promised me upto 5Gb it will be 3.1Mbps but realy not. While I am testing in http://www.speedtest.in, it shows my bandwidth upto 65Mbps. I think there is someproblem in allocating bandwidth. kindly help me to get the relevent speed.


  • Aks 389 said:

    I had taken reliance net connect +,the sales representatives are quite active in start but their after sales service is pathetic; each time you call up customer care they have only one response you need to go to reliance web world.The representatives are also not helpful.If you have requested for safe custody then you are gone. if you have to follow up with them for every small thing> they dont give any no; no reference no

  • naren said:

    I purchased netconnect broadband + 2 months back. In last 2 month my download speed was 200kbps. But this month it was 30kbps. when check with reliance customer care, they blindly replied, we are not able to fix this issue. To be precise, my data card signal strength is 97% in average. My suggesstion to all is dont buy this crap, since they provide good data transfer in first 2 months and after that it is pathetic. First analyze all the broadband and then go for the best.

  • stpras said:

    not good ,(reliance netconnect+) i am not getting the actual speed of 3.1 mbps(3.1/8),, iam getting 140 -220kbps in between these ,before taking a high speed internet connection know about it, icame to know after taking the connection

  • siva said:

    recently i have taken reliance netconnect plus ,plan is 5gb 3.1 mbps,at starting response of the sales representative is very active ,but after month i understood he dont know the details regarding plans(particularly about speed)he said dat ” up yo 5gb u will get around 280-350 dwnld speed ,after completion of the 5gb speed u will get around 140 kbps dwnld speed, “after listeng 2dat iopted for connection ,
    but now after compltng 5gb space i am gettng dwnld speed of 4-8kbps not consitently,there is no proper response from the custmer care ………………………………………………………………………………

  • Sreenu said:

    The worst service I have ever seen with any other network or mobile service.

    Bulshit thing man.. Some one says bill is waived off and actually it does not reflect the in the billing system and you will be strugling for the connction ..

  • chandu said:

    hi!i am using reliance netconnect+ postpaid.i wana see how much usage i have done.i couldnt login into my usage in rcom.its showing d password is wrong.what kind of password isit?………….can anyone help me??

  • satish said:

    recently i bought reliance netconnect+
    dont buy the reliance modems
    bcz there are not providing speed
    The worst service I have ever seen with any other network

  • Shubhangi said:

    Hi All
    Iam thinking to buy reliance 3g netconnect,but iam confuse of above mentioned reviews so could someone help me out wheather i should buy it or think for some other netconnector thanx.

  • Ranjit said:

    Shubhangi the Reliance Netconnect + has become over-crowded hence its okay in some places and bad at others, I would say take a demo in the area where you would like to use then decide.


  • Michael said:

    Hi all, I’ve bot reliance netconnect plus..
    It’s hardly been a vk since I’ve bot it, it was fast initially bt today the speed is exremely slow. Tis around 10 kbps.. Im totally frustrated and disappointed with this..
    I got a sms today lik “Dear Customer, High speed quota on Reliance Netconnect exceeded.Speed now upto 144Kbps till 01-OCT-11.Pls switch to 1X mode and enjoy surfing”
    I did switch to 1X mode and I dun see any diference, cud sm1 ples help me in this regard.. :(

  • Ravi said:

    I was not that lucky, recently purchased Reliance Netconnect 3.1 Mbps but I have not seen even 10% of that speed.

  • Javed said:

    Dont buy data card of reliance its very very very slowwwwwwwww………………..

  • tinku said:

    Hi friends…
    i have been using Reliance netconnect plus for the last 3 months.. Its coverage is excellent in rails and highways. The only fault (personal) which i feel is tha, as it is prepaid, its draining my pocket quickly.

  • Harsh Rathore said:

    This is to inform you all, that RELIANCE IS REALLY A BIG CHEAT. That is right, once you purchase their datacard, you are stuck. Never go for Reliance as they give HELL to the customers on the name of service. I wanted to purchase a wireless datacard as I need access to internet when I travel. I committed a big mistake when I chose Reliance. I could have gone for Tata photon plus. At least they take care of their customers’ issues. I opted for a 3GB day and 10GB night plan at a discount of Rs. 200 per month . I was told by a service rep that I would be able to make changes any time according to my usage. Now when I started with the service, it was really not satisfactory. The average speed in the day time is about 300-400kbps. I mostly download stuff at night as the usage limit for day is 3GB, but most of the times at night, there is either no network coverage, or there will be an error saying server did not respond. I spoke to customer care in this regard. They gave me a complaint no. I thought may be they are going to work on my issue. When I got a call from customer care regarding same, I felt a little satisfied that Reliance is now improving the customer service (as my experience with Reliance has never been good, I really had big pain with Reliance phone that I had earlier, finally I had to get rid of that). But as the conversation with that rep went ahead, he suggested me to uninstall/reinstall the application and to use the datacard in a different area as the problem was of network. I did the same but the issue continued.

    Reliance HS datacard works on three modes:
    1. Broadband+
    2. Hybrid
    3. Broadband 1x (144kbps max.)

    Datacard is always activated in 1x mode. Once its activated, you can use it in any mode. 1x mode is provided for accessibility in 1x areas.

    When my internet doesn’t work at night, I have to change the mode to hybrid one where it never gives the speeds more than 110-120kbps. The average I get is only 60-70kbps. Now if they have provided 10GB usage at night, whey cant they provide better speed at night.

    I kept calling reliance about it, but again the same nonsense answers. You might have heard a proverb- “Kutte ki pooch ko nali me kai saalon tak daalkar rakho wo tedi hi rehti hai”. Reliance is that “Kutte ki pooch”. Those who call reliance M-F are not correct. Reliance is even more than that. Its been more than 2 months, and I’ve been paying close to Rs 950 (including taxes) every month.

    When I found that my usage is hardly 1GB in day I thought of changing the service plan to 1Gb day and 10GB night as its not worth paying more for almost nothing. I spoke to a service rep regarding this and I was told that I if I change the plan, I’ll not be getting the Rs 200 discount. When I told him that I was told by the Reliance agent that I can change the plan anytime and the discount will also be there. For this service rep said that I must get in touch with the same agent. I called that agent and informed about everything. He asked me to wait for a few days and assured me that the plan can be changed and I’ll keep getting the discount of Rs 200 every month. I called him up again many times but he never picked up my phone. When I called from a different no., he said that he never said that the discount will be there if I change the service. Such a MF he was. Now if I change the service it’ll cost me same. So now I have decided better to get rid of Reliance as 3500 for the modem worth nothing if you have to get relief from the pain that you get everyday on the name of the service.


  • jayaprakash said:

    It is very nice and fast. But in rural 1X speed


    only my opiniuon Dont buy data card of reliance its very slow & services is very bad

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