Overview of New Macbook Pro 2011 models in India

Apple has recently updated their Macbook Pro line these new laptops get the latest Sandybridge Core i processor from Intel, and the 15″ and 17″ models get a quad core i7 processor these machines also get the ultra fast interconnect know and Thunderbolt, the good thing is that the new Macbook Pro’s are priced a bit less than the older versions in India.

If you have been waiting to get a Macbook Pro this a good time to get one as these recently updated Macbook Pro machines are incredibly fast laptops with dual core i5 chips on the 13″ model and quad core i7 on 15″ &  17″ all these processors also feature the Intel TurboBoost technology and also feature Hyper-threading so the Mac Operating system sees the dual cores chip as 4 processors and the quad core as 8 processors!

Macbook Pro 2011 Models

These new Macbook Pro’s also get a upgraded graphics with the AMD Radeon graphic cards on the 15″ and 17″ while the 13″ gets the integrated Intel 3000HD graphics, they also get the new HD isight (facetime) camera and all the new Macbook Pro model get 4 GB RAM as standard. I have done a video overview so that you can get an idea about the new Macbook Pro 2011 models.

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  1. igor2

    In this MacBook Pro is worth more to install a second SSD drive and download speed applications – it will be better than a MacBook AIR!

  2. Ranjit

    Actually you can buy a Macbook Pro with an SSD drive using the custom order option via ordering with the apple online store, I think so its $200 odd more than the standard pricing for 128 GB SSD.

    A SSD is a great choice if you do not have a lot of data to store coz SSD in terms of storage is way to expensive right now.

    A SSD will any day make every operation much more faster if you add it to a Macbook Pro I am personally blown away with the SSD performance my Macbook Air feel much more faster than my desktop iMac.

    But Comparing a Macbook Air with a Macbook Pro is not in the same league, Air is designed to be portable and light weight where as Macbook Pro is heavy and can be used a desktop replacement machine.

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