New BSNL 3G unlimited internet plan for Rs 700 month

UPDATE: This unlimited 3G offer has come to an end by BSNL for the new BSNL 3G unlimited plans click here.

This is a big surprise from BSNL they have just launched a new unlimited data plan for 3G users where you can get a unlimited 3G data plan for just Rs 700 / month this is phenomenal coz just about 2 months ago the unlimited 3G data plan for prepaid customers was Rs 2,756 /mo which was brought down to Rs 1,499 / month but there is a catch in this special 3G offer read more to find out.

Looks like BSNL is peeping up the 3G wars before private operators are going to launch there 3G services with the new 3G tariffs you can get unlimited data package  for Rs 700 / month if you prepay for Rs 4,200 which has a validity for 6 months effectively getting you 3G unlimited data package for just Rs 700 / month, but this offer is valid only for 90 days from Nov 1, 2010 listed below are the other special festival packages.

Bsnl 3G unlimited special plans

The other great thing about BSNL 3G unlimited plans is that there is no FUP (Fair usage policy) with these unlimited plan its truly unlimited and at Rs 700 / month it’s a steal, do let me warn you a bit about 3G broadband as this is a wireless connection do not expect consistent speeds like your wired broadband the  speed of 3G varies a lot due to a lot of parameters but you should get between .7 – 2 Mbps on a average, I have seen burst speeds of around 5 Mbps with BSNL 3G so if there are very few users in your area using 3G you will get very high speeds, also do remember that there are no roaming charges with BSNL 3G so you can use this connection across the country.

Also  during this special offer period you can also get some discount on the 3G data cards that are being offered via BSNL, but in my opinion its better to buy data cards from outside as it wont be locked to BSNL sim cards, as other private operators are on the verge of launching 3G services in India and it’s a better idea to get  a unlocked 3G data card so that if you need to migrate to  other providers you can do so  also do opt for the 7.2 Mbps data card model to future proof your investment as I am sure private players will launch speeds 3G speeds upto 7.2 Mbps also in some areas of the BSNL 3G  has towers have been upgraded to 7.2 Mbps.

At the time of writing this post these plans have been activated in Calcutta and Chennai and I expect BSNL to launch it all over India very soon, be sure to read my BSNL 3G review to get an overview about BSNL 3G services and setup.

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  1. zzz...notsleeping

    I hope they live upto their claims. Is EVDO going to suffer due to 3G? Till A.Raja is at the helm nothing smart can come from BSNL.

  2. Ranjit

    Currently BSNL 3G performance is great we are averaging around 1 – 1.5 Mbps and also touch around 2.5 Mbps during non peak hours, regarding pricing I have to say three cheers for BSNL as I highly doubt even private operators can offers such good pricing.

    Currently BSNL 3G is value for money.

  3. Arvind

    True.. BSNL 3G is value for money right now but their customer service is pathetic !
    And the other reviews about 3G is not that rosy either.
    Hardly see any good comments from users in Calcutta.

    Further, this offer can be just a ploy to trap as many customers as possible who are willing to go for 3G, before other private operators come in.

  4. Ranjit

    Yes I agree Arvind that customer support is pathetic and you need to have some knowledge so that you can configure the stuff yourself, basically the problem with 3G that not all 3G handsets are made equal so if a person has a some what older 3G handset and many Popular Nokia phones fall in this category you will not get great speeds.

    Yes I agree that the service can deteriorate if many users start taking these unlimited plans and start downloading like hell or torrents, I will get a lot of flack but BSNL 3G should block torrents on 3G so that they can maintain their network quality and speeds but again I don’t think so even private players are going to offer 3G at such prices.

    Also regarding speeds I have noticed that it differs from city to city for example in Bangalore and Chennai users are able to touch 5 Mbps but here in Hyderabad I just manage to touch 2 Mbps and the average is around 1.2 – 1.5 Mbps, so again ask questions to other users regarding the city in which you plan to take the connection.

  5. ashok

    the price war will be lesser this time coz there are only 3 private service providers per circle so they will come to an understanding and also they have invested thousands of crores in the 3g auction so i think the speed will be good(docomo launches 21 mbps 3g) and tariff not affordable to middle class people.

    are you sure there is no roaming in bsnl 3g??? will they introduce roaming charge in middle after we pay 4200 rs?? I belive trai rules doest allow that.

  6. Ranjit

    Ashok there are no roaming charges with data usage on 3G, as I have visited half southern India with my 3G phone and used it in many towns and cities surprisingly I got very good speeds in small towns.

    Yes Pvt operators will not offer very cheap 3G tariffs as they have paid huge sums as licenses for 3G so for the first couple of years the tariffs with Pvt operators will be a bit high.

  7. Mohammed

    Hi All,

    I am from Bangalore and stay near Majestic area. I too bought a BSNL 3G with a
    data card after Diwali. The signal strength in my area is almost 98-100%.

    Considering this, I get an average speed of 1.5 – 2 Mbps.

    The maximum file download speed which I observed while downloading a file form Oracle website was 360 KBps. Remember its KBps and not Kbps with a small ‘b’. So that was truly amazing.

    The least speed observed in the same site was 120-140 KBps with a slight fluctuation.

    Torrent downloads with 4 file simultaneously, the total bandwith for download nearly reached 390-400 KBps, and upload was 1-1.5 Mbps.

    This is truly amazing provided u have sufficient signal in ur respective areas.

    The only doubt I have here is whether the 4200 Rs, plan for 6 months is really unlimited or is there any cap on the usage which they call as “Fair Usage Policy”.

    One more question please.
    Am using Huawei data card, model no e1752, which I purchased for Rs 3800/= Is this the correct price? Or have I paid more for this ?

    Mohammed P.

  8. Vinay


    If i go for 4200 plan for six months, after 6 months what will be the rental. Will it be Rs.700/- pm or it is more than that.

    I want to go for unlimited internet with high speed. I want to do my office work even at home for that i need high speed, here in the office we have LAN 1.0Gbps speed.

    Is this plan available in Hyderabad. Please let me know any other plans of BSNL wireless internet with high speed.


  9. Ranjit

    Thanks Kripa for the info, yes I agree BSNL 3G is speeds are acting like a Yo-yo these days in early mornings hours I get around 3 Mbps but in the evenings I am hardly able to touch 200 – 250kbps (20 – 25 KB) and I have disconnect may times as the connection stalls, I presume this is due to high congestion coz of this unlimited plan and I hope this will improve with time.

    I still say that BSNL 3G is the better option coz the other 3G options form private telecom providers are way to expensive for now.


  10. Ranjit

    Sorry Rajan this offer via BSNL has expired now the unlimited 3G plan is around Rs 1,499 /pm or you could try and ask them for ipad plan its the same unlimited 3G plan but is around 999 / pm.

  11. Pradeep

    hai i have buyed a BSNL 3G Datacard 7.2 Mbps With 4200 unlimited.For total cost of Rs.6815. I got good speed of downloading UPTO 600KBps. But i’m not getting weather bsnl has “fair usage policy or not”. I called the CC they told browsing for 6months is free and downloading would cost. But now i’m not understanding how they differentiate downloding from browsing as i know browsing also downloading thing. Please reply if any one know abt this to

    Thanks with regards

  12. Ranjit

    Hi Pradeep,

    If you have taken the BSNL 3G under the 4,200 offer (unlimited for 6 months do mind this offer was only valid if took it before 29 Jan 2011) there is no other extra charge go ahead and download / browse as much as you like!

    I am personally using the 2500 option (3 months unlimited) and I use the connection occasionally and at time I use over 1 GB/day with the BSNL 3G connection, god these CC please do surely know how to scare and confuse people!


  13. kalyan

    hi friends m using 3G data card for the past 15 days.i feel it is too slow in the day the early morning (4 -8)it fast like anything.but m totally disappointed in the day time

  14. Pradeep

    Hi Ranjith,

    Thanks For your information from how many days u using 3G.
    Ya i have Buyed it iton 29th jan only. I’m so lucky mine is the last sim after i have took 10-15 people came to take but no use. Since their is no sim. And i got one more problem i dont know weather its network or modem problem. When i connected in between i’m using some times the 3G is automatically switches to 2G, and my connection will be gone for ever untill i restart my system. I has been selected manually UMTS in network settings even though its switching itself. Some times when i get full signal of UMTS my modem is unplugged from connection automatically. And gives NO SYSTEM RESPONSE :(. Is it Modem Problem or others also getting this problem.

    Ya i know CC people them-self dont know correctly weather it cost for download or not. Yes downloading will be cost but they dont know when it will cost, Its Actually going to cost if we download anything from bsnllive site. They wont mention that they saying the downloading will cost as per content(Image, video, song) we only has to understand(As we get cost by the airtel live contents in airtel). :) ;)
    So finally the browsing and downloading from internet source is unlimited but the downloading from the BSNLLIVE site is going to cost.


  15. Ranjit

    Hi Pradeep,

    If you are talking about BSNLLive the streaming service for BSNL 3G then I am not sure about the charges as I have never used the same, but I am sure there are no charges if you use the APN as bsnlnet which is for normal data usage.

    Regarding 3G signal issue with your datacard its hard to say if its due to faulty modem or signal issues, at times but not daily the 3G signal suddenly goes away and then the modem with switch to 2G with EDGE speeds, one more thing to note is that is it happening after a specific duration of time say after 1-2 hours of connectivity or after heavy data transfer/usage if so the datacard must be getting hot, just touch it and see if that is the case place, the datacard get hot but if its very hot then use a steel or aluminum plate and place the datacard on that to heat is dissipated.


  16. Pradeep

    Thank u For ur reply Ranjit i’m not using bsnllive i’m using bsnlnet only. But i wrote that since CC people will tell regarding to that only.
    My device some times get hot but i’m not going to connect it often since i had Broadband Too only max of 2HR i connect it. Sometimes after connecting it is disconnecting giving an error of ‘no response from device’ within 10min in my Desktop. But if I use it in My laptop its working great with no complaints at all.

    Pradeep ;)

  17. Kripa

    which is better to use a bsnl 3g modem(7.2mbps HSDPA) or a bsnl 3g sim with 3g mobile(7.2 HSDPA) as a modem in terms of speed. Is there any difference between using this two?

  18. Ranjit

    Kripa by 3g modem I think you meant a 3G datacard, if you are going to use 3G heavily more than 1 hr / day then I would go with a datacard as your mobile phone is not designed to be used for extended usage as a modem its life will go down and it will also kill the battery and remember a good 3G mobile would cost a lot more than a 3G datacard.

    I have also personally experienced much more stable connection with a 3G datacard, to choose between the datacard I would go with a unlocked one see this post regarding the same.


  19. Susant

    I have taken the BSNL 6 months (RS. 4200/-) unlimited plan. I stay at old airport road, Bangalore. The speed is pathetic. I hardly get 50 to 60 KBps download speed. I cant even connect to my office VPN. Planning to approach customer care. My suggestion to new buyers…speed will vary depending on your area. I bought this 7.2 MBps datacard by reading some good reviews. Feeling helpless now as I already made the advance payment for 6 months. I tried with my friend’s tata photon, it worked 100 times better.

  20. Ranjit

    Susant I see your pain you are correct that the speeds varies from area to area and also the signal strength matters a lot during office hours I get just around 200-300 kbps but at late nights after 1 AM I get 3-4 Mbps.

    The reason for the pathetic speeds is that due to the unlimited offer that BSNL 3G has offered and due to that many users have taken up this plan hence there is lot of congestion in the network and this is the reason that BSNL has decided to remove all unlimited plan.

    FYI now you cannot get any new unlimited 3G plans from BSNL, I am sure this will annoy a lot of users but BSNL 3G network speeds will increase and become consistent in the near future.


  21. kunal


    have brought bsnl sim from varansi, and now currently at pune / mumbai.

    would like to know what is the lowest plan availble for 3g internet.

    also do i need to pay any roaming charges for the card as have moved from uttar pradesh to maharashtra.

    your expter comment really appreciable.

    pls do mark mail to me at

    thanks in advance and wishing you all very happy and colorful holi..!!

    best wishes.

  22. Ranjit


    I personally have not used a net setter datacard but there are multiple version in the market only a few of them have 3G enabled, the old netsetter datacards support just EDGE speeds.

    if your netsetter is unlocked and 3G enabled it should work with BSNL 3G.

  23. Ranjit

    Rakesh to use BSNL 3G sim in an Idea netsetter data it should be unlocked then you can use it, BTW the APN for BSNL 3G will remain the same it is bsnlnet


  24. Deepak

    Bsnl workers are very poor knowledge about her product he has selled. no budy take update record of her skim .
    I have purchase in Feb 3G Net Setter. at the time purchasing she said me i have get 2 month 6GB free for per month. But actually this skim is valid only for last diwali offer.
    after purchasing i hve use only two days without any downloading this stop services . when i ask to aundh Bsnl Office. their lady say u hve day package is end so u have to take recharge. so i think it,s hide skim . but i take recharge of 1Gb at Rs.440 but after recharg its show me only 1gb. when ask to the lady she told me ask to tech. engg Mrs. VArsha Patil then i ask this madam she also doen’t know about plan. then he ask to the main office their engg told this skim is stopped last two month. how u sell this person.
    If i Have time then i have Definatly go to the Customer office or Press.
    So please i humbly request u after that don’t sell without all information taking.


    I want to access internet in my 3G mobile with BSNL sim. which is the best PLAN for accessing internet in BSNL network in orissa ?

  26. deepak

    still the Rs4200 plan of 6 months unlimited is there, if its there means can i know how to recharge that. because in all recharge shop are saying the plan of Rs4200 washout. 10 people are waiting for ur answer

  27. Ranjit

    Deepak if you just would have read my last reply in the comment I clearly stated that the Rs 4200 3G Unlimited offer has ended and BSNL is not doing any recharges for that now.

  28. prashant

    i would like to know if the bsnl gsm card we use in our mobile or for voice calling can be used in any 3g data card? if it is possible then should i buy one from bsnl itself or from another company. i am currently using krushi card from bsnl

  29. Ranjit

    Prashant yes we can certainly use the normal 3G card that is used in our mobile SIM in the datacard, In fact I use my BSNL 3G like that.

    I prefer buying a datacard from outside not from BSNL as that way you can get an unlocked version and by using that any SIM Airel, BSNL, reliance etc will work with it, if you buy from BSNL it would be locked to BSNL SIM card.


  30. nayab

    hi sir i want to know
    i hav bought the idea 3g netsetter and it has no unlimited plans and when i try idea 2g plans it was so slow and waste
    thats i hav cm to switch off the idea netsetter
    i want to know how to unlock the idea 3g netsetter and use other networks sims in
    pls ranjit sir and other experts. til now ihav wasted my money pls reply sir

  31. srinivad

    My self srinivas I am staying in tumkur currently I am using 250 rs 1gb of airtel 3g but its not enogh for me its coming like two or three days for me and i am looking Any 3g unlimited i am not bather about money but i need unlimited 3g to my prepaid or postpaid phone plz suggest me.

  32. shahid

    My self srinivas I am staying in tumkur currently I am using 250 rs 1gb of airtel 3g but its not enogh for me its coming like two or three days for me and i am looking Any 3g unlimited i am not bather about money but i need unlimited 3g to my prepaid or postpaid phone plz suggest me.

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