My experiements with a Hackintosh

I had an old PC lying around and this weekend I decided to make a Hackintosh out of the same and to my surprise it ran like a fully functional Mac OS machine in fact it was way faster than my 2009 model iMac that I use on a daily basis.

In my tinkering around I found these basic things that you need in your computers hardware to make a Hackintosh, You need to use a modern Intel processor (some people have even made it using AMD processors but using a intel processor is easier route) also you have to make sure that your Hard disk and DVD Rom use the SATA connector and your motherboard should support AHCI mode, apart from that you also need to make sure you have a compatible motherboard, you also need the retail copy of Mac OS X Snow leopard.

Again if you are trying to make a Hackintosh there is no guarantee that everything will work out of the box so if you are uncomfortable with tinkering with BIOS or your system settings I would advice you to stay away from it, again only try to make a Hackintosh only if you have a spare computer available as you would also need to format your hard disk and again there is no guarantee that it would work with your existing hardware setup.

Just for the fun I also ran the Geekbench a benchmarking tool and compared the results of the Hackintosh with my iMac.

The Hackintosh
Hackintosh geekbench score

My iMac 24″ 2009 Model
iMac 24 geek bench

As you can see the Hackintosh is way faster than my 2009 model iMac this old computer which I have converted into a Hackintosh is almost a four years old computer that was running Windows Vista, running on a Intel Core 2 Q600 a Quad Core 2.4 Ghz processor with a 2 GB RAM and the motherboard was a Asus P5B Deluxe as seen in the video the Hackintosh is pretty stable workable machine and never crashed during my testing in the last few days.

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  1. Umran

    can u pls upload a video of step by step tut on how to install hackintosh i ve been tryin it for a yr n stil was not able to get thru

  2. Ranjit

    Sure guys give me a couple of days a bit busy will make a video about the same, subscribe to my Youtube channel to be updated about the same.

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