Moving from Reliance Broadband to Airtel Broadband

I have been using Reliance broadband DSL based broadband (broadnet) 1 Mbps Unlimited connection for over a year and the speeds on reliance have been great with little downtime  but I have finally decided to move to Airtel broadband from reliance, to find out why continue reading.

A brief flash back, before moving to a new location over a year ago, I was using Aritel broadband but, Airtel was not present in our new location, hence I opted to go with Reliance Broadband. I was a bit skeptical at first, but Reliance broadband turned out to be great, the connection speed is lightning fast much faster than Airtel  also in terms of latency, the download speeds also are always slightly above the promised speed, the pings were also great and it did not slow down during peak hours, the uptime also has been great it was down like for only a day in a year, customer care surprisingly was prompt and I also never had a billing problem with them.

The main problem I have with reliance broadband is their login and authentication system, before you can browse the internet a reliance login page opens and you need to enter your subscriber id and password and only then you can access the net, looks fair enough but if you a using a wireless router (WiFi) which is a common scenario these days you will have a lot of problems, the problem is that many time the reliance portal login page will just not open if you are behind the WiFi router, but if you connect it directly to the computers / laptop Ethernet it will show the login page, IMHO reliance is intentionally or un-intentionally trying to block routers also if you don’t use the connect for around 30 mins or so it will log you out.

If you call the customer care they will say that you just cant use a router with this connection, (BTW the login page works around 70-80% of the time with the WiFi router). I just don’t know why they have this weird system in place even for users with un-limited connection package and when I am paying over 2,200 bucks for a broadband connection it should just work, the way I want with my devices, I don’t have to fight or trick the system or to get to the login page, I have better things to do than waste my time waiting to get the login page.

I finally had it coz of this crazy login page issues with reliance broadband, luckily around 2 months ago Airtel started providing there broadband services in our area and I have decided to move to Airtel broadband inspire of working out to be slightly more expensive than reliance broadband, but I wont be disconnecting reliance right away as speed wise it rocks, it will be my secondary backup internet connection for a while, will write a review about Airtel broadband after using if for sometime.

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  1. Abhi

    Ranjit dude reliance is much better than airtel and now I heard this from one of my friends that Reliance is coming with brand new attractive plans to counter Airtel in few months, here are the tariffs, I would always suggest going for reliance, you can also ask cc bout these new plans on 30337777

    300kbps Unlimited -> Rs. 499/-
    600kbps Unlimited -> Rs. 749/-
    1024kbps Unlimited -> Rs. 999/-

  2. Ranjit

    Hey Abhi the info that you have posted is still not confirmed and is sort of a rumor so until this is confirmed Airtel is providing the best value as of now.

    BTW I would love to see new competitive plans by reliance broadband and I am sure something is on the way otherwise they will lose the market.

  3. Pintu Mallick

    I have checked in reliance website there is no such plans but yes good COMBO plans are there which is really good

    Plan 499 combo – 100 Kbps UL.* Rs -75 Talk Time Free
    Plan 649 combo – 300 kbps UL Rs -150 Talk Time Free
    Plan 1199 combo – 500 kbps UL Rs – Rs -75 Talk Time Free

    * As per TRAI 256kbps and above is Broadband Internet.

  4. G.M. Peerzade

    If anyone interested use Reliance Automatic Login script. Please mail your request to gmpeerzade (at) gmail (dot) com.

  5. Mr. Yog.

    Reliance is pathetic, and even customer support is useless, so i’ll suggest to think other than Reliance instead of weasting time behind Reliance. Thanks

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