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Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro / Galaxy Win full Review – Geekyranjit

9 June 2013 94 Comments

Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro Review also know as the Galaxy Win, the Grand Quattro is a mid-range android phone by Samsung and it has a 1,2 Ghz Quad Core processor / 1 GB RAM / Adreno 203 GPU and comes out of the box with Android 4.1 aka Jelly bean and I do an in-depth review for this Grand Quattro.

Click here for all my videos on the Galaxy Grand Quattro http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtIc4giS3RKO7FLz_lXEWM5pi8Grse3qW

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  • Ranjit Kumar said:
  • narendar4all said:

    which is better l9 or grand Quattro. I am not a heavy gamer .but phone should have decent camera,battery, audio and browsing experience

  • encorewane said:

    Can anybody please tell me which type of sim card this phone supports, micro sim or a regular sim?????????

  • Jayesh Patel said:

    how do u rate this fone vs the s3 mini..?

  • manoj saruk said:

    Hey Ranjit please tell me which phone I should go for Sony Experia L or Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro.
    If Possible please make comparison video of these two phones

  • Lavi Komra said:

    hello ranjit,which is better for me galaxy s II plus or galaxy grand quattro.eariler,mai pahele grand dous ,S II,S advance, phone rakh chuka hu recently 20 day ago i purchesed nokia lumia 620 but iam not happy with this phone,help me?

  • bantiwithu said:

    which phone i should take samsung grand or grand quattro
    i m confused , grand i9s much big in size but it has motin sensor, hd, multi appilcation,
    and wuattro is medium in size

  • Lavi Komra said:

    hey ranjit does this phone have HD videos Playback bcoz i purchased this phone today & its doesn,t play HD videos I have also Nokia Lumia 620 & its play HD videos,please help me quickly

  • bantiwithu said:

    sir which phone i should take samsung grand or grand quattro

    i m confused , grand big much big in size but it has motin sensor, hd, multi appilcation,

    and quattro is medium in size,
    if i m going to use 2 mobile phone then is grand comfortable or easy to carry in pocket.
    or quattro will b easy to carry

  • lakshayd97 said:

    sir can u just help me..it doesn’t even play 480 p videos properly….i just want your help

  • geekyranjit said:

    I would suggest installing the MXPlayer from the android play market and use that to play the videos.

  • Karma Lama said:

    please do a unboxing n full review for galaxy note 8.0

  • اردال صاعقة said:

    हाय रंजीत

  • deep gupta said:

    if we want to play game on this quattro phone with use proximity sensor can we??

  • jackeagleify said:

    Awesome review..Sir still i m in confusion which one to buy below 16k in samsung and sony which is better should i buy this since i likd the specs or is there any other Phones Inside Sony and Samsung????
    u r reply will help me a lot sir….

  • manjitmld said:

    very useful, & in very simple language which helps us to understand!

  • shubham chaudhary said:

    sir plz tell which is gud nokia lumia 720 or samsung galaxy wi i have confession

  • Somnath Pal said:

    Hi Ranjit,
    I am planning to buy Galaxy Grand Quarto, but at the same time I watched your review on LG optimus l7 ii dual p715 and Micromax Canvas HD A116, and now I am confused… please give me your suggestion. I want proximity, acc sensor, gyro and compass sensor (as I have on my Galaxy pop) on priority.

  • Cecil Adrian said:

    How is the battery back up on this phone ??

  • nikita mehra said:

    i wanted to take your opinion between samsung galaxy quattro and sony xperia l-which one is better ?

  • shruthi123098 said:

    sir according to u which is the best s advance or galaxy grand quattro…???? i prefer camera and touch screen is the priority…please suggest me sir

  • Suresh Kc said:

    in the grand quattro there is not mentioned about the quad core processor and there is not mentioned also about the phone memory it has only 5 or 6 gb memory…and donesn’t sport hd video smoothly..

  • Suresh Kc said:

    in the samsung website you can see that samsung din’t mention about the 8 gb memory detail ..SAB MARKETING KA FUNDA HAI …….

  • Hrishikesh Magdum said:

    Ranjeet sir will u plz suggest android smartphone around 15,000..my needs r like able to use otg cable, hd playback, average gaming(like temple run n some like asphalt 7), n nice battery life… plz help me choosing it thanks in advance..my choices r LG optimus L9, L 7II, samsung quattro, mmx canvas hd, lenovo p770 s890..if u have another suggestions plz suggest me…thanking u…

  • Nikhil Ghade said:

    Hello Sir, my budget is upto 16k, which phone do you suggest out of HTC Desire X, Samsung Grand Quattro and MMX Canvas HD? or any other?
    PS: camera not a priority, but performance and gaming is.
    Thank you in advance

  • kartik valipay said:

    Hi Mr.Ranjit – I have a query – now with jellybean being announced for Samsung Galaxy Advance, and the price dropping to approx 13500 INR, would you recommend it over Samsung Galaxy Grand Quattro, or would Grand Quattro still be the better option?

  • kartik valipay said:

    I am stuck between the same two phones. Did you make a decision?

  • Pranav koritaala said:

    Is win good or lumia 720 can u make a review of these two phones….

  • Subhashis Dhar said:

    Sir , will this phone be updated to android 4.2.2 or may be 4.3?

  • Nisha Sayyed said:

    m planin 2 by quattro… plz tl me z it a good choice 2 buy it??? gamin z nt a priority 4 me bt watsapp n oda apps wrk good???? wa8in 4 ur reply at d earliest…:)

  • vineesh kalarickal said:

    I confused between these two ..Samsung Grand Quattro and MMX Canvas HD(A116) Will you help me please……..?

  • arif said:

    Sir u r doing a great job, urs videos r really vry vry helpful…now I would like to have ur suggestion as I m confused which mobile shud I buy???my budget is around 20000..plz plz plz answer my question as soon as u could..thanks a lot..(only andriod os phone)

  • Viveck Nagarajan said:

    Is Xperia L a better choice or a Quattro when it comes to long lasting and overall performance?

  • vish4analysis said:

    Hi Ranjit,

    Awesome reviews bud !! Just wanted to know if you could review Lenovo P770 (it has similar configs as the Quattro but i feel its smoother). If you could do a full review and compare it with Quattro, it would really help. Not many people tend to see options at Lenovo but P770 i;ve seen is a lot smoother in terms of interface. The only backdrop is the camera quality but still if you could do a full review, it would help!!

    - Vishal

  • Vishal said:

    Hi Ranjit,

    One more question to Quattro.. I just found time to read through many of the GSM arena reviews on this one and found a comment thts CONCERNING !!!!

    Quite few commented that they were not able to use the enable the data connection until they restarted the phone !! They said that they had to do it everytime they disconnected and wanted to get the data connection on !!.

    Is this something you too could find with Quattro? Can you please check this issue (if at all). I am planning to buy this and have no other source to be sure at my inquiry.!!

    - Vishal

  • Rashid Shaikh said:

    hi ranjit,
    an excellant review,you really did justic to the phone.i need to know it this phone has an haptic feed back,and if it dose how to turn it on. expecially for the menu buttons.

  • Aarti Parab said:

    hey tell m which 1 is best grand quattro or s dous?????

  • Shubham Goel said:

    sir plzz tell is xperia l better or grand quattro..?

  • Chandan Talreja said:

    sir can this phne be upadted to 4.2 jellybean pls sir let me knw….

  • Colin D'souza said:

    Sir S advance or quattro or xperia L or any other phone in that range pls suggest me a good phone! thanq sir!

  • Colin D'souza said:

    or HTC desire x totally 4got bout it pls try 2 rply soon sir!

  • Aditya Nadkarni said:

    hello sir, could you tell me which would be better and why
    samsung quattro or xperia l ?
    also does quatro have OTG support?

  • Abhishek Mishra said:

    Hello Ranjit sir ,
    I want to buy the original Galaxy Grand but many of my friends said that it hangs a lot within a few weeks of buy. Should I buy it or not?
    Please reply……

  • siddharth dalabehera said:

    what should i buy? samsung galaxy grand quarrto or xperia l
    my major priority is music,display and it should be a durable phone

  • venkatesh vakalapudi said:

    hi Ranjit…
    can u help me to decide bw canvas HD & Quattro.
    my priorities are gaming, videos, music & browsing.

  • deepansh sachdeva said:

    Does Galaxy Grand Quattro support OTG ?

  • Kwang Yu said:

    for music xperia is good

  • Daa Vee said:

    Anybody wants this phone Brand New in exactly 15k send me a msg…in mumbai only!

  • Akash Sen said:

    core vs Grand Quattro ???
    which one is the best ???

  • shivesh karan said:

    geekyranji I just have one question, which is better xperial L or galaxy grand quattro

  • prakash chauhan said:

    HI Ranjit, really confused between Quattro & Lumia 720

  • chaitanya bahunadham said:

    Hello Ranjit sir,thanks for the great review as usual.i love u r reviews becoz u upload a series of reviews regarding all the components of mobiles unlike other reviewers.keep up the great work man.

  • Ashish Parasrampuria said:

    hello ranjit, I need ur help i am really confused between samsung galaxy grand quattro and sony xperia L. My priorities r gaming, camera and resolution. Please help me out sir.

  • Muskan VideosMuskan said:

    am confused between quattro and canavas help me out

  • vishnus679 said:

    Galaxy core or grand quattro
    Which is best in performance

  • Nikhil Pathania said:

    Quattro is beeter

  • Nikhil Pathania said:

    I buy this phone tommorrow

  • Kartik Sharma said:

    Sir quattro or xperia l, i mean is the xperia l with such a great hardware , still a weaker phone than the quad core cortex a5 chip of quattro? And also is the sony UI efficient as compared to samsung’s touchwiz?

  • Sudheesh Chandran said:

    Hi Ranjit
    I want a real Help from you, i always watch your review vedios of mobiles.i was impressed in Galaxy S Plus and i bought it 2011 Dec 31st.i am phasing lot of issues for last two months.today i want to change the bord and still they saying that will not sufficient.will be have problem in coming days.PLEASE HELP ME TO PICK A NEW MOBILE
    Price:15k to 20k
    softwr: android or iOS
    expectation: smooth flow while use,speed to use,support some good Games(angry bird,Race games,Temple Run)and good to use Internet
    Please suggest me the best ones
    Expecting your valuable suggesstions
    Thanks in advance

  • Sankalpa Dutta said:


  • Sankalpa Dutta said:


  • Aditya Saraswat said:

    Hello Sir,

    I want to know that , Is Quattro can play HD videos and also HD video Recording ?

  • Subhamoy Sen said:

    Sir; is this phone supports the normal size sim cards (Mini SIMs) or I have to get the micro SIMs for this phone. I want to buy this phone.
    And I’m quite confused between Galaxy Grand Quattro and Galaxy Core these two are almost have the same pricing. Which one I should get ??is there any significant difference between them? Which one is better??

  • Subhamoy Sen said:

    And one more thing, If I choose the original Galaxy Grand Duos. Is it better in terms of overall speed of processing compared to the Quattro or not?? Is there is any lag of the overall UI between these two variants??

  • chaitanya bahunadham said:

    Yes,definitly grand duos has better perfomance than quattro becoz it has dual cre 1.2 ghz cortex a9 architechture broadcom chip set,therefore hardly no lag occurs. When coming to quattro/win it has cortex a5 architechture with 1.2 ghz quad core snapdragon 200 processer.it also play 720p hd videos & record it as well.for those who cant go for grand can go fot this.

  • Rohin Chouthmal said:

    hii ranjeet plss tell me how to play hd or blure ray print video in grand quattro

  • Sidhant Verma said:

    grand quatro or xperia l ????????
    pls tell

  • Neeraja Ramanath said:

    I am unable to view videos of supported format wmv itself only audio playing.yyyyyyyyyyy

  • geekyranjit said:

    Install MXPlayer from the play store and use that to play the files.

  • Janx Chan said:

    i can’t watch hd video although using mx player…what should i do?

  • Arijit Mahato said:

    It’s record 720×480 resolution videos at 30 fps

  • Hemant Dadhich said:

    so which one’s a better option galaxy core or the grand quattro considering multitasking and gaming.

  • Xadoby said:

    This or grand better?

  • harshit jain said:

    Hi ranjit i want to ask that which one is best samsung galaxy grand quattro or htc desire x plz give me answer fast

  • Ali Rahem said:


  • Anubhav Misra said:

    Should we expect a Jelly bean 4.2 update for this phone which would help put all the apps from the internal memory to the sd card as over crowding the phone with too many apps fills up the internal space and makes the phone go haywire with lags and frequent freezes. Or is there any other way to do the same without compromising the warranty of this phone?

  • Bidyudipta Chanda said:

    Install app2sd from play store.
    U can move every movable app from phone storage to external sd..
    Obviously some of them are not movable.
    But most of them are.

    And about the 4.2 update, there is no official confirmation from Samsung. Though we can expect it as Samsung is rolling out 4.2 updates for Grand Duos.

  • Bidyudipta Chanda said:

    Install app2sd from play store.
    U can move every movable app from phone storage to external sd..
    Obviously some of them are not movable.
    But most of them are.

    And about the 4.2 update, there is no official confirmation from Samsung. Though we can expect it as Samsung is rolling out 4.2 updates for Grand Duos.

  • Bidyudipta Chanda said:

    Obviously quattro. Core has a dual core processor.
    And scores 35.1fps in Graphics benchmark whereas quattro gets a 41.2fps.

  • Bidyudipta Chanda said:

    Install MX Player Pro. That should correct it.
    As MX player plays hd videos even in low end phones

  • Divyank Arora said:

    Hey geekyranjit! Please help me! I am unable to transfer files/apps from phone memory to external(sd card) memory!
    Guide please! :/ :)

  • Saikrishna Pothuri said:

    Galaxy Core or Galaxy Grand Quattro?

  • Shahrukh Siddiquee said:

    which handset is good samsung galaxy core or samsung galaxy grand quattro

  • prasath prabakaran said:

    sir i installed mx player and its codec,after that it does not play

  • Tom Charish Lomotos said:

    My Galaxy win turns on and off by itself. What action am I gonna do with thus problem. Thanks :)

  • Sivakumar R said:

    Hi I am confused betrween Grand Quattro and Galaxy Core. Pls advice which one to go with, I shall go with your suggestion.

  • Jaydeep Paul said:

    does grand and quattro play 1080p vdos

  • Shaunak Guharay said:

    Grand plays 1080p.
    Quattro plays only 720p in SW mode, and 480p in HW.

  • Atanu Rakshit said:

    Sir… plz suggest me… which phone i should go for.. Galaxy core i8262 or Galaxy Grand Quattro.???? try to rply soon…..

  • Bala T said:

    Hello Geekyranjit, Iam looking for a smartphone with good camera and dual sim option. Pls suggest me among Samsung Quattro and Htc desire 500 or any other option!?

  • Fermino Ferrao said:

    not bad

  • Arjun Maki said:

    This is good phone r bad

  • khan Alam said:

    ranjeet bhai….which one is better galaxy quattro and galaxy core?and any
    other under 15k?

  • Darshak Bajaria said:

    hey ranjit i m a app junkey so plz do suggest is galaxy quattro better den
    xperia l???

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