Microsoft releases Vista SP1 to Public

Microsoft had released the much waited Service Pack for Vista SP1 after months of waiting and interim release candidate for public download, you can also expect retail copies of vista with SP1 in stores in a couple of weeks.

As for the SP1 the updates should be visible via Windows Update (for most of you) but if your machine has some problematic drivers that Microsoft has identified the SP1 update wont be there for you until newer drivers get released, You can also download the full SP1 from the links given below.

For Vista 32 bit the full SP1 is 435 MB and for Vista 64 bit it’s 726 MB. According to Microsoft a typical SP1 download for most users via Windows update would be around 65 MB.

I downloaded the full SP1 32 bit and installed it on my main desktop machine, as I already had the SP1 RC installed on the computer, I had to uninstall the same before I could install this final Vista SP1.

If you have a SP1 RC installed to uninstall the same go to control panel -> Programs -> Uninstall a Program -> Under task (left side) click on View installed updates and uninstall the old SP1.

The installation takes a long time and the installer told me that it would take around 1 hr and it took about 57 minutes for SP1 to get installed, it will reboot your computer a couple of times during the install and after the final install, windows update would again download a few updates and after that final reboot you are done, regarding performance as I already had the RC SP1 installed I did not find a huge difference but it’s still a bit better and in general the applications feel a bit more responsive to load.

If you would like to know in detail the changes and additions that come with Microsoft Vista SP1 you can follow this link to Microsoft SP1 Techcenter

On the other hand I also installed the Internet Explorer 8 beta after installing the SP1 and surprising its very fast and looks very promising.