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Lenovo P700i dual-core android phone review

22 January 2013 84 Comments

In-depth review of Lenovo P770i this is a dual-sim android phone powered by a 1 Ghz dual-core processor has a 4″ IPS screen a 5MP rear facing camera front facing VGA camera comes pre-loaded with android 4.0 and I do an in-depth review of this P700i android phone from Lenovo.

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  • Ranjit Kumar said:
  • Siddharth Mittal said:

    which is the best phone to buy in the budget of rs. 15000/- please suggest
    between nokia lumia 510, nokia lumia 610, samsung galaxy s duos, lenovo
    p700i or any other phone? Is it better to buy a windows phone or android
    based phone. Please tell me , i will be highly obliged. I am a great fan of
    your posts as no one gives such an indepth review. Thanks again.

  • harish kumar said:

    better phone celkon a200 or lenovo p700i

  • Ankit Raj said:

    so whats your opinion sir? which phone to buy under Rs 15000?

  • geekyranjit said:

    I would say both are comparable in terms of performance.

  • Jatinder Singh said:

    Sir plz reply….. HTC Desire C or Xperia MIRO….???? or any other
    smartphone in dis price range??????…plz rpy

  • geekyranjit said:

    I have not tested the Xperia Miro so cannot comment about the same.

  • phsyco202 said:

    Hey ranjit can you tell me on which Internet connection you are and also on which plan plzzz reply

  • geekyranjit said:

    I am using Beam Fiber it’s a local ISP here in Hyderabad and I am on the 20 Mbps plan.

  • Yasaswi Chockey said:

    please do a comparison video between celkon a200 and lenovo p700i

  • Arjun Rawal said:

    cn u advice ranjit which fone is best under 30k range

  • phsyco202 said:

    Ranjit for gaming local isp is good or airtel, bsnl? Speed doesn’t matter I just want the ping to be low

  • geekyranjit said:

    Do you mean the ISP I use Beam…. as its Fiber the pings are excellent for example to mumbai from Hyderabad I get about 15-16ms pings with ADSL providers like airtel, bsnl etc its about 3x-4x more pings.

  • M. Khan said:

    Mr. Ranjit could you please tell me where to buy this online since this lenovo hasn’t launched this in Delhi yet.

    Thank You

  • fleetkidn said:

    Please start a podcast channel too

  • 36hanen said:

    Hello, Ranjit how mutch cost that phone Lenovo? And where you buy it?

  • DJsuju said:

    Hi man…can i know this can make Native 3G Video calls via Front facing camera?? (Not the Skype one!)

  • Akum imsong said:

    Sir I would really love to see hands on review with our local Celkon A200 Vs Lenovo p700i hardware test and videoplay back, sound etc… please reply

  • varun raj said:

    i ranjit.. im android lover n im looking for good android mobile around 10000.so pls suggest me good mobile..i have been thinking about micromax a110.would u recommend me to buy it r any other if so what r dey ?pls reply me im waiting

  • geekyranjit said:

    It wont be possible coz I no longer have the Celkon A200 unit with me.

  • Swapnil Pote said:

    hi Ranjit,
    i want buy galaxy nexus phone from dubai.Its still worth to buy this galaxy nexus phone bcoz i cant spend more than 20k on mobile.pls give ur opinion

  • vicky P said:

    Hi ranjith.

    Would you please explain me the difference between 256k colours and 16M colours (in smartphones). which one will be better and why??

  • Achuthan Karnnan said:

    Hi Ranjith,
    I’m considering buying the Lenovo P700i but i’m concerned about the brand.Is lenovo a trust worthy manufactorer?Do the provide sufficient costomer care service in india?
    Ur vedios Rock! Keep posting,i’ll be watching.

  • Akum imsong said:

    Oh!! is it? that’s fine actually I was looking forward to buy my friend a budget android phone as a gift for his birthday on 25′th of this month any way I hope lenovoP700i won’t be available this days in the North east of India so I’ll try to go for one of our Indian company since their product are exceptionally well build and designed this days. By the way It will be great if you’ll unbox some of Entry level Digital SLR cameras m really looking forward for you further reviews :)

  • Charlie Jones said:

    Can you review S880?

  • karan karkera said:

    hey ranjit m planning to buy a android phone around 11k so is dis worth buying?????

  • Prathamesh Pednekar said:

    What about LG optimus L9?????

  • paulhyd said:

    How come the official site states processor as Exynos 4412 Quad for P700i here /images/products/smartphone/datasheet/P700i-DS-WW-28Sept2012.pdf prepend lenovo dat com

  • Anirudh Sood said:

    Hey Ranjit… Ur reviews are pretty exhaustive and elaborate. I have a few extra queries on this phone if you could revert please.
    1) This phone was launched in Phillipines with a Wirefree FM and FM Transmitter, what about the Indian launch, does the Indian model also sport these features?
    2) How about the signal reception on this phone?
    3) The phone is still not shown on Lenovo Mobiles website and flipkart also took it off their website… should that be assumed fishy? Plz respond

  • MaTTsebastian7 said:

    actually it does record in HD, (in video settings, press left arrow again when it’s indicating on high)
    Nice review though! :D

  • Suyash Jain said:

    Hi Ranjit, Any idea where I can get case(back cover) for this phone in hyderabad as its camera is lil popped out & prone to scratches..

  • Saurabh Kumar Singh said:

    me too thinking the same

  • dookiexave said:

    ranjit if you were to choose between this and samsung galaxy s duos, which would you prefer?

  • Ranjit said:

    @dookiexave: This Lenovo P700i is any day better than the crappy Galaxy S duos, the S duos lags like hell.

  • jplanta95 said:

    Sir ranjit is the phone good for gaming something like FPS games? if not can you suggest a phone that can play a game very smoothly but the price is cheap/affordable.

  • dharma reddy said:

    Please test multi touch capacity of this phone ….i want to see how many it has

  • dookiexave said:

    thank you so much ranjit.. i bought p700i, so happy.. no logs.. and pretty responsive but my concern is it didnt last a day as they claimed it to be.. or ill observe it in the following days..

  • Vasanth Raja said:

    ranjith sir pls rply my question which is the best android mobile on opinion on budget 8000 to 12000 if u having any privacy probelms for posting comments publically then send answers to my mail : vasanthraja14feb@gmail.com pls send this dude……………..

  • geekyranjit said:

    There is nothing like a best mobile, coz every model has some ups and down in the budget range, in the 8K – 12K range I would say look at Celkon A200, Micromax A110 if you want MNC brands HTC Desire C these are my current choices.

  • Zeeshan Shaikh said:

    when will canvas 3 HD come in market ??? im waiting for it !! plzzz reply

  • Abhishek Panchali said:

    To be honest sir, Micromax is now a MNC brand as well. :)

  • sibasis mukherjee said:

    plz sir wll u plz do a review of lenovo a800 thanks in advance

  • hardeek said:

    i want compare xolo a800 with lenovo p700i
    in terms of brand should i buy lenovo,or else what’s u r suggestion in buget oriented phones with all features(general)?
    also service wise either of two, which is better?
    i am in urgent need?
    if possible plz reply soon.

  • fabblog1 said:

    Is lenovo worth the buy..?
    Considering brand.. Cons.. Price.. as on date?
    battery backup is important for me.

  • Apologize1117 said:

    isnt there any way to kill all apps at once ???

  • Shrivaas Sundar Iyengar said:

    Sir.. I’m looking for a good phone for around 15k.. I like the Desire V a lot.. But you say it lags.. Gaming being a priority.. Which phone do u suggest me to go for?

  • karan karkera said:

    Ranjit can you review the lenovo s560??

  • Karthik S said:

    hey ranjith, pls suggest me a mobile around 12-16k
    HTC one V
    HTC desire V
    HTC desire X
    HTC desire C
    Sony Xperia Sola MT27i
    Sony Xperia U
    Sony Xperia go
    Sony Xperia Miro
    Sony Xperia J

  • Abhishek Shrestha said:

    Sir, I’m confused between Sony Xperia Miro And Lenovo P700i….which moblie is better.Need your help “Please reply”…

  • chhoooii said:

    miros only singlecore and average battery but p700i has dualcore, better battery standby and good display…

  • chhoooii said:

    @karthik f i hav the money ill go 4 xperia j
    htc is overpriced its not worth it
    so i purchase d budget lenovos720 so inlove withit

  • Sagar S said:

    How much ram is available free ?
    (i know that Ram is 512 Mb but most of it is taken by stock apps).

  • Syed Mohd Atif said:

    can u also give a review on Lenovo S560. i am trying to choose between p700i and s560.

  • Neeraj said:

    Hey Ranjit can u please upload the unboxing video of lenovo S720..

  • VARUN NAIR said:

    Hello Ranjit. Thank you for this review. Could you help me out? Between Galaxy s duos, Lenovo P700i & iBall Andi 4.5h, what would you recommend?
    Thanks in advance,

  • Bharat5834 said:

    Mr. Ranjit, lenovo p700i or a800? Which would you get and why? ignoring budget and all

  • geekyranjit said:

    I did not test the A800 so cannot comment on the same yet, as my policy is not to comment on products that I haven’t personally tested.

  • abhishekkumar26ser said:

    Hey ranjit your videos are really very good. Plzzz help me I want to buy a laptop for around Rs 45 000-55000. I m a student and my requirements are basic multitasking and heavy gaming
    Plzz suggest me a laptop thankxxxx

  • Vaibhav Rai said:

    Which graphics card should i buy for pc upto upto 14000-15000

  • Varun said:

    Hello Ranjit. Thank you for this review. Could you help me out? Between Galaxy s duos, Lenovo P700i & iBall Andi 4.5h, what would you recommend?

    Thanks in advance,



  • hien nguyenduy said:


  • Kapil(a fan) said:

    Dude is this ideal for gaming…. Medium …. Not a lot hardcor?

  • Ranjit said:

    @Kapil: Yes for mid-range gaming it’s prefect no issue only issue will be very large games I would say those are more than 400-500 MB in size.


  • Kapil(a fan) said:

    Thank you dude….. Mind suggesting some gaming phones below the price on 15000? It would be indeed helpful

  • Kapil(a fan) said:

    Sir what’s the practical performance difference between this smartfone and lenovo s560 ? Pls reply soon as my cousins b’days round the corner!

  • TheChennaiman said:

    Hi guys ‘m using lenovo p700i for the past one month. its really a good experience………

  • Robin said:

    Hey Ranjit , i really confused between lenovo p700i and lenovo s560 . please help me to choose and tell me which one is better because both are with similar features and same price range but one with better battery and one with better audio quality .. please help me to choose . thanks in advance

  • Kapil(a fan) said:

    @Robin: dude if you want a good gaming xperience then go for s560 and if you are an official who needs battery and stuff like that the go for p700 I…… Besides there’s not much difference in their battery backup.

  • Vaitheeswaran S said:

    Hi ranjit! pls review lenovo p770 soon… thinking to buy it..

  • rulez284 said:

    Please review lenovo p770… and its comparison with others like s3 mini

  • MrTejavinod said:

    can you give review on Lenovo s890 coz i wont to buy it

  • tinny sharma said:

    should i get lumia 520 or this one. i need good camera(both provide 720p), good sound quality and android version greater than 4 or windows 8…both seem to be almost same in pricing also… so i am a bit confused

  • Krishna Vohra said:

    p700i or desire x? reply fast please.

  • Krishna Vohra said:

    also what’s the difference the lenovo p700i and the s560? specs look the same to me.

  • Asim Roy said:

    where can i buy it from…i’m from kolkata… :/ no1 evn knows dat lenovo produces phn… :P
    cz frm d lenovo site….its price is 12,499

  • Abhijit Patwardhan said:

    Ranjit can you please review P770 (one with the huge battery)

  • maedyleen kim said:

    Mr. Ranjit which is better Sony Xperia Miro or Lenovo P700i

  • zsski said:

    Ranjit why no review of Lenovo k860 ? An affordable quadcore.? Alternate to galaxy grand?

  • Angel Huerte said:

    hi, how do you block someone from this phone without downloading any app?

  • lynie gadaingan said:

    Hi Mr. is this phone really ok? want ur sincere reply.

  • Lukas Trumpas said:

    HowtoUnlockAndroid.INFO – got my android unlocked for free. Glad I didn’t have to pay money for it. I am not one of those spammers I’m just giving actual advice to everyone. Don’t pay, get it for free!

  • lynie gadaingan said:

    hi Mr.ranjit im from Philippines.just want to ask u.wich one is better in term og good performance the Lenovo P700i or LG Optimus L5II dual E455? pls. reply me Mr.nid ur help wich is better…or txt me 09302233876…thank you..

  • shyam nandan roy said:

    Hi Ranjit…Your Reviews & Suggestion required for Lenovo S720.
    Also suggest if any other Mobile Handsets in Rs10-11K.

  • John Lester Manila said:

    what is the maximum battery life, when heavy use?(how lon?)

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