Intel Core i5 or i7 processor for gaming

I have got this question a couple of times regarding which processor to choose from the latest intel Sandy Bridge processors when making a new gaming computer, does it make sense to go with the higher i7 processor or will the i5 be more than enough, continue reading to find out.

i7 vs i5

Both these new Core i (2nd generation, LGA Socket 1155) also know as Sandy Bridge processor from Intel the i5 and i7 are basically quad core processors and if you even look at the clock speeds the i5 processor (2500 model) is clocked at 3.3 Ghz and the i7 processor (2600 model) is clocked

at 3.4 Ghz so in terms of raw clock speed perfromance you are not getting that much from a i7 processor, but one thing that is different is that in an i7 processor is that hyper-threading is enabled so applications that can use hyper-threading see the processor as a 8 core processor instead of 4 cores but again for gaming a i5 processor is more than enough, in-fact for a gaming computer the graphic card plays a more important role than the processor itself as in most of the games the graphic card is the bottle neck for the performance and not the processor so I would suggest for a gaming computer you go for the i5 2500K processor which offers the best bang for your buck and invest the money saved in a better graphic card, see the video I made below for more info.

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  1. BarryLlewellynperson

    Its not better. The latest i7′s are A LOT better for gaming. The reason i5′s are used more for gaming is because they’re cheaper..

  2. BarryLlewellynperson

    The FX8350 is almost as fast as an Intel i5 3570k. In gaming, you’ll get an extra 5 fps or so with a 3570k. Although, in quite a few games the FX8350 will beat it. So, its about 30 dollars less, so I would recommend the FX8350. I’m sure though, that some Intel fanboy will see my comment and give out shit to it. But looking at real life benchmarks (Ones that are not of games @ 600x800p), the FX8350 seems to be pretty much equal.

  3. TheGennaios

    dude i have worked on them i know what i say!
    new i7 may be the same as i5 in gaming but who is going to buy and i7 just for gaming?waste of money!

  4. BarryLlewellynperson

    You said that the i5 is BETTER than the i7. Which is bullshit. I think what you meant to say is that the i5 is BETTER VALUE than the i7.

  5. TheGennaios

    i5 is cheaper and a better choice for gaming got it?
    i7 is the best choice for video editing and rendering!it was not made with gaming as its high priority got it?!

  6. BarryLlewellynperson

    Look, you either have bad English or are completely retarded. I said that the i7 is better. Which is true. It may only give a few extra fps, but it IS better. Fact. Look it up. In terms of price and value, the i5 is a lot better. But in terms of performance the i7 IS BETTER. Deal with it. Not by much, but it is slightly better.

  7. TheGennaios

    i am commenting to an indian video so am in the role(lol)!if you really think thats true!there is no game that can use 100% the capabilities of an i7!at least the 20% becomes waste!so because you know so much about the internal of cpus go get a gaming rig with a 70-80% working cpu!

  8. BarryLlewellynperson

    I know that. But in (nearly) all benchmarks, the i7 just about beats the i5′s. Fact.

  9. TheDawg475

    thats hardly a surprise… an i5 is absolutely fine for playing all the newest games. the only place were an i7 is a clear winner is if you do 3d modeling or do stuff like photoshop and movies! just overclock the shit ou oft an i5 and you´re golden ^_^

  10. BarryLlewellynperson

    ^Agreed bro! Especially the i5 2500k – that little thing overclocks like a beast!

  11. MrFIFAHoudini

    Hi Ranjit, i want to buy a Gaming laptop and VFX processing work. Is there any system having a 2nd gen i7 and gt 240m under 50-52k? Please reply Fast as i need to buy under 2 weeks.. Thanks in advance..

  12. agzchess

    as he mentioned, get the i5, typically processors aren’t the bottleneck the video card is. spend the extra money you saved from not getting the i7 on a higher video card. this will be a better experience for gaming. i completely agree with this suggestion.

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