Don’t get fooled when buying an intel processor

There is a confusion among consumer regarding the different generation of Core i processors ie. i3 / i5 / i7 and in this video I show you how to identify the different generations of intel chips so that you do not end up buying the previous generation intel core i processor.

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  1. Alex Doknjas

    @RepentForTheSinner well, you will notice a difference upgrading to the 3770k, simply becuase it has more threads. But, im not sure how much o difference your going to get. Streaming mainly depends on your gpu and internet speed, so make sure you have a fast connection + gpu.

  2. MikeT2005

    Sounds like dodgy retailers to me. Its not really Intel’s fault. If you walked into a car dealership and asked for an BMW 320D, and they sold you a 2000 model for the price of a brand new 320D, you wouldn’t blame BMW for using the same model name.

  3. Mehul Parmar

    Next time his cousin will casually ask which laptop he should buy and he will casually say go with the MacBook Pro.

    And when he”ll check specs then BooM!! It’s without Ratina Display!!!!

    And here comes his new video!!

  4. FullFledged2010

    There is noting confusing about the names . Just do a little bit of research before you buy them its really not that hard to distinguish the different model names.

  5. Michael Charity

    there’s nothing confusing about them, i use the model number e.g 3570k or 3770 or 3970x, just don’t be a idiot

  6. anasbinqamar

    what a retard! I mean you are a fat gay ass racist.. just watch the f’in video.. He tells an important difference between 1st gen and 2nd gen.. he was telling to be careful of which one you are buying! you lazyass :D we all like Intel.. AMD for noobs :)

  7. anasbinqamar

    Guys.. never go For AMD.. even if you want a low cost cpu.. go for Pentium G.. they sound like pentium 4s :p but trust me they are faster than phenom II x4s in gaming ;D

  8. lKRISPY

    sure the old amd cpu’s arent that great but the amd fx cpu’s are really good especially for the price. i have an fx 6300 6-core overclocked to 4.5 GHz which is pretty good. Not as great as intel but pretty close.

  9. asus3571

    for just sufin mostly but occasionally games like crysis scyrim is there really gonna be a noticeable difference between lets say an i7 930 vs 2500k or 3550???

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