Beam Fiber launches new broadband plan 10 Mbps for Rs 1,000

Beam Fiber which was earlier know as Beam Telecom is a local ISP for Hyderabad & Secundrabad in AP India, has just revamped there broadband plans is now offering an insane speed of 10 Mbps for just Rs 1,000 and they have  other competitive plans that offer speed upto 20 Mbps.

Beam has become the fist ISP to offer crazy insane speeds of 10Mbps at affordable pricing of just Rs 1,000 / month mind you this is an unlimited broadband plan but there is an FUP clause of 30 GB in this plan and after crossing the FUP limit you get downgraded to 2 Mbps which according to me is fine, coz at this rate other big National ISP are not even offering around 1 Mbps which is quite shameful and Beam new pricing is a slap on their face.

The other high speed plan are Rs 1500 / month in which is rated for speeds upto 15 Mbps with a FUP of 40 GB after FUP you get a decent speed of 4 Mbps and also another plan for Rs 2500 which offers speeds upto 20 Mbps.

I did manage to do limited testing on the Rs 1500 plan and here are the results for the same.

Beam Fiber speed test

This speed test was done from Hyderabad to Mumbai server.

beam speed test
This was tested with Newyork server

Do note that I would be doing a detailed review again for Beam Fiber broadband connection after testing them in the next few weeks.

UPDATE: I have done the review of Beam Fiber using the 15 Mbps Rs 1500 plan.

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  1. mohamed

    i have 15 mbps i i only get my old speed and that is 4 mbps i experienced the new speed for 1 week only and after that it to 4 mbps and some time less

  2. Ranjit

    Mohamed I just got my beam connection reactivated an I am on the 1500 plans I am getting the 15 Mbps speed, I guess you have hit the FUP coz they have reduced the FUP limit to 40 GB from the prior 75 GB on this plan and after FUP you get 4 Mbps with this plan.

    BTW a bit offtopic I am getting wired issue I am getting around 14.5 Mbps download but uploads are pathetic just around .01 Mbps (10 KB/sec) so can hardly use this connection for anything, I have make a complaint regarding the upload issue lets see how it goes.

  3. A.J.S.R.Sunil

    Who is the service provider, and how can i get the connection here in hyderbad.

    Thank you and Kind regards

  4. sunny

    i am an existing customer in beam. i like the new plan of beam fiber of 10mbps. so i wanna know the details and to contact beam fiber

  5. yogesh

    Dear A.J.S.R.Sunil please give your contact number or Address
    As My brother is working in beam telecom.

  6. Sunil

    Hey thank you for the information ranjith, and o could get required information. thank you

    ang giving out once mobile number and stuff would not be appropriate. I regret doin that Mr.Yogesh. pls dont mind!!

    Kind Regards

  7. Ash Talreja

    Bro speed test is just shit it just tests your network speed which doesnt count much we need download speed dude

    look at mine ..

    My speed test it flacuates from 40mbps download n 20 mbps upload

    Actual download speed

    and most of all this speed is not divided when multiple downloads are done all works at same speed more then 2mbps. even if its 1 link to 1000 links all at 2mbps or more..


  8. Aniketh

    Hey hi,

    I am planning to go for this connection ….but i have one question the connection reliable…?i have heard that beam has improved its connectivity..if its true this is the best ISP available in india …please dont forget to mention abt the downtime…thanks in advance

  9. Ranjit

    Hey Aniketh regarding reliability it a mixed bag and mostly depends upon the area where you live in in most of the areas 75% they are pretty good…. the problem with beam is that their OFC cables are not underground so are prone to cable cuts etc…. and that is where the problem lies…. personally in my area there is no problem say in a month I might get a downtime for just around 15 – 20 minutes but in other areas I have seen a downtime or around 1-2 hrs per week and if there ia major optical fiber is cut in your area expect a downtime around 5-6 hours.

    So before taking up the connection I would suggest you to ask some one nearby who has a beam connection or friends how is the uptime in your area, BTW for a more recent review that I did see this video

    Also I would not suggest forking out 6-12 months of advance rental to Beam or any other ISP for that matter coz if you do not like the service then you are stuck with them, I personally pay month to month not just for Beam but even the other ISP’s that I use.

  10. kulkarni

    I have got a 10mbps @1000 plan,and was very promised I was getting full speeds and even upload speed was also fine(around 7-8mbps).But after few days,upload speed was not even crossing 3Mbps.I was busy downloading stuff and crossed the FUP of 30GB.Now my speed got reduced to 2 Mbps,as promised i am getting 2mbps dwnld speed and 2mbps upload speed too. My question is that, as I have understood from their website…there would be no FUP on upload I should get 10Mbps upload speed right? or Am I mistaken?. So, I called the cust care and raised a ticket saying my upload is low.Nextday technician came, when I said I should get my upload as 10Mbps, he said my plan would be changed to a dedicated 2mbps connection which will have 2mbps dwnld and upload speed after FUP. So, when I called CC, they also informed me the same that I would get only 2mbps upload speed after crossing FUP. Since, this is my 1st month,I am not too sure what’s right. Can someone please confirm this?

  11. Ranjit

    Hey Kulkarni yeah it works like that the thing is that for your FUP limit calculation your upload speed is not included…. but when you hit FUP you speeds download / upload are reduced…… you should get your speeds back to 10Mbps on the 1st of next month.


  12. vamshi

    waste connection……………no speed its better to take another connection i have 10 mbps speed i get a download speed of only 120 kbps this is a joke i was using an other network……this connection sucks

  13. Adarsh

    I signed up for the 2mbps plan about 3 months ago and I paid for 6 months in advance. In the first week of may my download speed suddenly increased upto 3-4 times my normal download speed of 230 kbps to around 700-800 kbps when using torrent depending on the seeds. Beam hadn’t advertised their new speed plan back then. I was a little disappointed when I crossed the FUP in just 2 weeks, thats when I called customer care and verified everything.
    It’s very good though, I probably went overboard downloading with the crazy speeds being offered. I stay in Habsiguda, I’ve only had a problem with the connection once, that too due to the heavy rains and the wires were quickly repaired in less than an hour when I called CC just after the rain stopped.
    It’s pretty stable as of now, I’d vouch people to go for it.

  14. mohnish

    hey well i just got my connection today…and well i tried out speedtest and i got download speeds of 0.1 and 0.2 when im supposed to get 10mbps(or around that) of download speed!!!
    what fo you think is wrong?

  15. Ranjit

    Mohnish are you able to browser without problems / watch youtube videos if so then try from another location at times the speedtest server acts wonky.

  16. Sathish

    Is there anyway to get connection in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu if so i need details of the contact person

  17. krishna

    Hey Ranjith i stay in kotapet hyderabad could u please tell me how is this beam network at this area……Thank u

  18. krishna

    am asking u as i dnt know anyone nearby using this beam net
    work so please provide me with useful info……

  19. Ranjit

    I too do not know about that area if any of our users if using Beam in that area please share your experience.


  20. vamsi

    watz wrong wid beamfiber customer services….. de dont attend our calls by keeping dem on hold….and am using 1000/- plan were am getng speed around 300kbps…..who d hell ,solve ma problem ah

  21. taha shaikh

    Can some one tell me if the connection is good in Secuderabad/Tarnaka.I currently am using tata photon.but the speed is really slow.I barely get 1 mbps (which is the minimum speed according to Tata)I never got speeds upto 3 mbps.
    Thank You

  22. Venkat

    Hi guys,
    I am at 1000 plan @ 10 mbps, first two days the speeds was thrilling. from the day 1 i used torrents and video streaming also was terrific. from third day speeds were pathetic both for torrents and video streaming. I guess i crossed the limit is there a way to check when i go to beam portal it shows as only 6 gb used.

  23. Amit Kumar

    Hi Ranjit,

    I would like to go for the service offered by Beam, for which I have requested twice. However, was denied due to feasibilty. It’s just beacuse we happen to reside on the other side of the Cross Roads.Can, they consider that and offer the service, so that many would be benifited.


  24. Ranjit

    Amit I am no way affiliated with Beam…… it would be best to contact them with a couple of interested users I am sure they might pull a line in your area if more than a couple users are interested in their services.


  25. Abhijith

    I am not able to connect beam cable to netgear WGR614v10 router,while checking for the router on pc it says it cannot find any router.Can i have a solution for this.

  26. amarnath

    hi Ranjit

    i applied for ‘beam’ 10mbs plan i want to by a wireless router which one will be better

    3 to 4 devices ,,,laptop ‘dell’, mobile ‘xperia’ , ‘xteamer pro’


  27. Srini


    I have been contacting Beam Fibre for new broadbank connection last one week but i did not receive any response from Beam Fibre. whenever i call customer care then they say they have registered a request and one of thier executive would come and contact me but it never happen. irritating me to call beam fibre customer care everyday. lost my patience.

    can anyone provide me contact details for next level. i wanted to escalate this to upper level management and wanted to have new connection. Very bad response from beam fibre and never expected this kink of response from Beam Fibre….

  28. Sid K

    Hi Ranjit
    I wanna know if beam fibre broadband plans are available in delhi and how is the network quality in here.
    I also want to know that can i attach a netgear wireless wgr614v9 router with it.If it possible or not .
    Please relpy soon
    Thank you

  29. Perla

    Hi Friends,
    Yes….Beam network is better for browsing…offcouse iam using 1mbps speed is 90-110kbps(downloads from torrets-movies and all but as per the service provider it should be 700-800kbps..!Not sure what was the problem…!

    whenever i raised a request…operators visited my home for testing the speed..this one is good thing.. :) ….but no use.

    comparatively with other networks(like airtel-worst(my brother using it) and other)beam network is better…iam not saying it is awesome..:)


  30. Ramakrishna

    @Perla: You shld get download speed in the range 100 KBps to 128KBps.Please note it is Capital B as we see in the download page. As per the plan 1Mbps= 128 KBps , Bcz network speeds are computed in Bits. As you mentioned you might be getting 90-110 KBps speed which is very good for 1Mbps connection. 1Byte = 8bits.

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