Beam Fiber 15 Mbps 1500 plan broadband review

I have done an detailed review of Beam Fiber / Beam telecom after they recently upgraded the speeds, I have the Rs 1,500 / month plan which earlier used to give speeds of 4 Mbps and now it has been upgraded to 15 Mbps speeds.

UPDATE: I have done a updated review in the video posted below after my upload speeds were fixed.

I would not go in detail about the installation etc as I had already reviewed that about Beam that late last year But Beam Fiber has managed to fix all the speed problems and connectivity issues that I had earlier hence I reevaluate the rating as follows.

Pricing: 10 / 10 (Was never bad but now it’s simply awesome and put’s to shame other Pvt ISP)

Network Quality: 9/10 (Has improved a lot, very low latency so you get good low pings, I tested this connection with a lot of different servers and got great results within India and servers based outside India)

Connection Uptime: 9/10 (have been using Beam for about 4 months now and the connections uptime is pretty good about 2 hrs downtime in a month, had one major outage for about 6-8 hrs they said it was a fiber/cable issue, again I noticed from the emails etc that I got is that Beam service is very good in some areas and not that great in some parts of the city due to frequent cable cutting issues in some areas, they have started to lay under-ground cable to solve the fiber cable cutting issues but it would take time to cover the entire city.)

Customer Support: 6/10 (Improved a bit, but still a long way to go as the support is a bit slow and it takes them time to resolve things).

Overall 8.5/10

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  1. geekyranjit

    Depends upon your area how is the service there, also reliance might work out to be cheaper coz for example reliance thunder plan for 4 Mbps unlimited is around Rs 1,100 for beam their 20 Mbps plans is around Rs 1,650 but after 40 GB FUP hits in beam and it’s a 4 Mbps unlimited connection after that so if you are a heavy user reliance is cheaper.

  2. frienziar

    PING means the time it takes to connect to the server.The distance the server from your home the longer it will take the time to connect.

  3. sureshkumaar1611

    Good deal… when will they start their service in all over chennai…? I am eagerly waiting for them to get connection.

  4. gnomedster

    Hey Ranjit, how has been your experience with Reliance? I stay in Jubilee Hills, and I had a horrible time with Reliance. Got 2 mbps unlimited, however I never got speeds more than 500 kbps. Besides extremely fickle connection and half of the time the line used to be down. Even after calling them like a zillion times no one even visited. Getting this beam now hopefully they stick to their promises.

  5. amit dhariwal

    this it what I got in My Broadband connection.
    You Will Be surprised, this speed in India ,,,!!!!

  6. Krishna Krish

    Sir, I am in AP and Got a broadband connection from HSB(Skynet).
    I pay about Rs.720/ for 1 Mbps(Day) and 2 Mbps(Night)..
    But the speed is very bad and don’t at all get the Promised speeds..
    Sometimes Error message is displayed in the Browser.. I am planning to switch to BEAM..

  7. Santosh Singh

    how to connect a WiFi with this beam
    i’m suffering with this problem
    beam has only 1cable directly connected to computer
    my WiFi router is TP-LINK TLWR740N
    do you know how to connect with those cable
    hope you understand!

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