3G WiFi routers

Do you want share your internet connection from your single 3G connection to multiple computers via ethernet or WiFi, then you need to have a look at 3G Wifi routers we have quite a few types of devices like these that can share your 3G connection with multiple device, I am going to show you the different types of 3G router and also review one which I have been testing for a week with BSNL 3G.

We can broadly divide the 3G wifi router into 2 parts the first one is the Portable Hotspot type models (some of which also come with built in battery backup) and these are very portable hence you can carry them along with you and the second types look like a Normal WiFi router and are to be used in home or small office environment  these are not portable devices but can also work with your existing broadband connections like ADSL or cable modems apart from using 3G data-cards to provide internet connectivity, further some of these 3G routers have an in-built modem thus you do not need a separate 3G data card with the 3G router.

3G wifi router with bsnl 3g datacardBack view with my E122 datacard inserted in the router

I have been testing a 3G wifi router the second type which is a Normal WiFi router that can accept a

3G datacard and thus can provide internet connectivity via Wifi and it’s 4 ethernet ports to multiple computers using a single 3G connection, the model name of this 3G Wifi router is Tenda 3G611R+ and it is a N based Wifi router which supports b/g/n speeds and also has 4 ethernet jacks to provide connectivity to wired computers, it can also be use as a normal Wifi router with your existing broadband connection as it has a WAN port for normal broadband connections for the 3G this router has a USB port on the back which can accept 3G USB datacards it worked great with my Huawei E122 3G datacard using BSNL 3G and it also works with Reliance Netconnect + or Photon based datacards, I have done a video overview of this router and the setup required for BSNL 3G and I am listing the video below.

The other good thing that I liked about this 3G router is that the Wifi coverage that was provided by the router was very strong and the range was also very good and I was able to connect multiple WiFi devices without any issues, there is an option in the router to act as a Wifi extender if you need to extend your Wifi network that can be done (I  did not test the same), the build quality of the router was also surprisingly very good, This router at the time of writing this review was available on ebay.in for around Rs 3,000.

UPDATE: I have recently reviewed the ASUS RT N13U WiFi router which also supports 3G data cards and in my opinion it is a overall better router with much more functionality and if you are buying in India you can get the ASUS router with official warranty.

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  1. kiran

    Hi Ranjit,

    Thanks for the wonderfunl review.

    i have a question…
    i have Reliance NtConnt + data card and a laptap. working fine.
    i bought new smartphone(Wifi enabled) device… can i access internet through my phone using this tenda ??

    if not…pls suggest hw can i use Reliance NetConnect+ (Data card) internet in my phone ??

  2. Varadharaj.

    Hi ranjith,

    I bought tenda 3G611r+ . I have Bsnl CDMA 2000,evdo capitel not zte .iam unable to connect can you help me ?

  3. Sandhya N.

    Hello Mr. Ranjit,

    We do not have BSNL Broadband feasibility around our new office premises.

    A dedicated Leaseline would be too costly. Would a BSNL 3G be a good option. What would be the maximum speed that we can get through BSNL 3G. We have around 25 PCs connected through LAN.

    Could you please suggest a good option.

    Thanks and best regards,


  4. Ranjit

    @Sandhya….. It’s a bad idea to connect 25 PC with a single 3G datacard…. the experience will be bad… anyways for office stuff I do not recommend 3G datacards coz its not as reliable as a hard wired connection.

    Better to get a say 2-4Mbps normal brodband from BSNL and that should be good enough….. but I say if you have Airtel broadband in your area go for that instead of BSNL coz their uptime is not that great.

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